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Ushering in the new age of insulation

It may seem simple in its premise, but the insulation industry has become so much more than just keeping the air you want in and the air you don’t want out. We are now at a time where consumers and companies are evaluating more than just the functionality that a product offers. With stricter government regulations and growing concerns over the environment, going green has become one of the most relevant considerations in all industries. In order to learn more about the steps the insulation industry has been taking to go greener, spoke with Alex Shuts of Insta-Insulation, an industry leader in Ontario.

Out with the old

“There are new government environmental regulations coming in 2020 and we are way ahead of the game.” Shuts explains. In a conscious effort to move to a greener and more desirable product, Insta-Insulation abandoned their previous line of purple spray foam last year. Their move is vindicated by the fact that the materials used in that commonly used spray foam variety will no longer be acceptable for use under the new regulations. Their new product, Insulthane® Extreme, is considered the future of insulation.

Insulthane® Extreme spray foam

“It was a no brainer for us. Insulthane® Extreme is the only commercially available spray foam insulation that meets the stringent new environmental regulations.” Shuts says. This new greener form of insulation is recognized as having an “ultra-low global warming potential” which means that it is miles ahead of the competition when it comes to protecting the environment, but the benefits don’t end there.

Cost & safety considerations

“ Insulthane® Extreme has the added perk of being extremely fire retardant and as close to fire proof as you can get.” Shuts explains. Not only is this greener option safer for both your family and the environment, but it can fit your budget too. “Switching to Insulthane® Extreme was a no brainer for us and although it is a slightly more expensive product, our pricing and buying practices allow us to remain competitive with other contractors who do not offer it.” Shuts explains.

A reputation you can rely on

When it comes to something as important as insulation, it makes sense to go with a name you trust. Insta-Insulation has been a fixture in southern Ontario for the past 25 years with a commitment to cost-savings and quality, but also to the environment.  If you have a project in Ontario that requires an insulation expert, you can reach out to Insta-Insulation at 1-800-668-0311 or online through their website

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