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Using Propane in Your BBQ During the Winter

The experts at Napoleon Grills share some tips on using a propane grill during the winter.
With brisk winter months on the horizon, Canadians are constantly looking for creative ways to reinvent classic dishes.  Traditional stews and casseroles bring warmth to the coldest of days, however sticking strictly to standard winter recipes can feel repetitive. Preparing recipes packed with excitement may seem challenging during snowy seasons, however can be achieved with ease using a propane barbecue.


Winter is an excellent time to bring out the barbecue and experiment with winter dishes. Grilling imparts flavour and fun into ordinary meals by allowing ingredients to shine, and is accessible year round. Using a propane barbecue in the winter is a simple and convenient way to wake up classic recipes.
Experts at Napoleon Grills ensure winter grilling with ease by sharing reliable tips for using propane in your barbecue during the winter:
  • Prepare as much as you can before grilling, and make allow for extra time to preheat the grill.
  • Due to cooler temperatures and longer preheat times, you may find that you will be using more propane than usual. Check propane levels before cooking to ensure you have enough fuel. Consider keeping extra propane on hand if cooking a dish that requires extended grill-time.
  • Consider using exterior lights or clip-on lights to brighten evening barbecue sessions. It gets darker earlier in the winter, and therefore it is important to be prepared. While some Napoleon Grills feature interior lights, such as the Prestige PRO™ Series , it is important to keep cooking surfaces well illuminated.
  • Do not bring your barbecue indoors or into the garage. Grilling can produce harmful gases when in an enclosed space, and an accidental grease fire can cause damage to your home.
If you are interested in learning more specialized techniques for using propane during the winter, visit:

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