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Valentines Day Decor Ideas

As Valentine’s Day makes its lovely approach and you’re busy scurrying about purchasing boxes of candy and writing love letters, it’s easy to push aside adding home décor to your to-do list.

Fortunately, getting your space prepped for this holiday time does not require a great deal of effort. Simply pay attention to those special yet simple details that make Valentine’s Day such a romantic time, such as theme colours and shapes, and let the love-fest begin.

Repurposed Décor

Pull out those red, silver and white ornaments you used over Christmas but leave the green ones behind—– you won’t be needing them. Small pops of Valentine’s Day colours are all it takes to pep up your pad, so start by piling your ornaments into several clear glass jars, mixing the colours evenly. These colourful bouquets of warmth work on nearly any surface. Consider lining them up along your mantel, placing one on the table you have in the foyer and another on your living room coffee table. Easy to achieve décor with a powerful impact? Perfect.

Fresh Flowers

Playing around with flower arrangements is one of the simplest ways to coax out the Valentine’s Day spirit. And flowers just happen to be a mainstay of this holiday’s gift giving. Choose simple accessories, such as clear, white or silver vases for a clean look. For a more traditional take on this home décor project, pick up roses in reds, pinks and white and mix them up or divide them into vases by colour. For a more contemporary approach, reach for the gerbera daisies in red and pink to brighten up your space. Then again, if red stargazer lilies are more your thing, get exotic with it! As long as you’re playing with red, pink and white blooms, you’re on track.


Get your space party ready, or at least protect your surfaces from the threat of falling chocolate crumbs and messy fondue. Adding Valentine themed linens to your space takes a bit more coordinating, but once you’ve got a set of Valentine’s Day linens picked out, you can use them year after year. If hearts and flowers send you reeling with happiness, lean toward printed items, such as a heart-print tablecloth or red-and-pink floral napkins. However, if you prefer a more subdued approach, base your selections on colour. A red tablecloth, dark pink napkins and pale pink kitchen towels do the trick. Toss your hot pink chenille throw over the sofa and you’re ready to celebrate.

Up The Romance Factor

Part of the allure of this special day is its nod toward all things romantic. Put your scented candles on display and remember to actually light them — even if you’re ordering in a pizza, eating by candlelight is an instant romance boost. Anything sweet or floral will help set the V-Day mood and remember to reach for a candle that fits the colour scheme. However, when you’ve got children running around or someone with allergies, those scented, flickering candles can cause more stress than relaxation. In that case, opt for unscented, flameless candles. You’ll get all of the coziness without the worry.

Celebrate love by surrounding yourself with décor that reminds you of all things romance. Whether you’re overjoyed by the heightened cutesy factor that this day brings or if a no-frills approach is more your thing, you’re just a few steps away from a space that will give you butterflies.

Do you have some great Valentine’s Day decor ideas? Tell us about them in the space below!

By Tarah Damask

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