A Walk-in closet fashion Oasis

If you are like me or most women and well groomed men, you understand that getting ready to get out your home requires major planning. First find the right outfit… then the right shoes,… purse to match, … accessories to spice it all up…. oh wait, accessories don’t match the shoes, the purse is fine, …. go back and look for another pair of shoes…. and about 45 to maybe 2 hours later…. we are finally ready to go out, still not sure if we look 100% the way we would like. Marilyn Monroe quoted “I told you, I’ll be ready in five minutes, stop asking me every half an hour”.

The only thing that could make the process much easier is the right closet design. A walk in closet that is accurately custom designed and constructed to your specific needs and requirements, also installed  properly could really make a difference in our  daily dressing routine.

I always say “first impressions are everything, and it is your outfits that determines the way you present yourself, so take care of your fashion investments by building the right storage system for them.”

I design my clients walk-in closet as an oasis.  The design should give you enough room to view everything you have in a glance, pick, dress and play without making a mess. It is where you spend an hour or more a day in, so it must be comfortable, attractive and above all functional.

In terms of fashion, everyone’s different. for that reason a walk-in closet that’s yours should also be custom designed for your unique fashion style. Some women wear more dresses than others, some like skirts better than pants, some men only wear suits, some like to keep it casual, the amount of shoes we have in comparison to our accessories, all must be considered when designing a custom made closet. If the closet is going to be shared with a partner, each should have their own side. An island that has drawers, whether placed in the middle or as I prefer it, pushed to the side is necessary to store all personalized items. Keep in mind that storage is the primary purpose, and there are a few basics that should be included. You will need an area for shoes, space to hang dresses, coats, shelves for purses, and always consider your delicates. A minimum of one floor to ceiling mirror is an absolute requirement for any walk-in closet.

What kinds of materials are you looking for? Remember that material in a closet design is as important as the design itself. The materials and the hardware that are used in your closet must be able to handle the everyday use and abuse of the cabinetry. I always tell my clients that the one thing they shouldn’t cheap out on is the material and especially the hardware used in the closet.

Lighting is very important. You definitely do not want to pick out a black blouse and walk out and realize that you’re wearing navy. I always use different types of lighting in a walk-in closet including a few halogen recessed down lights, in the closet task lighting, a floor lamp and a dimmer is always a good idea.

Make sure to have seating in a walk-in closet. Although comfortable to sit on during your dressing routine, it also serves as a place to put your outfits and further organize your clothes.

Technicality, the right specifications and a proper understanding of all your needs and requirements are the basic steps in designing your closet. Hiring the right designer with a ton of custom closet design experience can be an extremely good investment and would help you avoid costly mistakes.

5 Tips in designing a custom designed closet:

  • A full length mirror is a must. A double or three way mirror is also a great idea.
  • Have a wardrobe tower, if your ceiling and the closet are higher than 7 foot.
  • An island with drawers or a table with baskets underneath, would allow for extra space for your delicates.
  • Leave space for a laundry basket
  • Incorporate a comfortable chair or any type of seating area.
  • Keep in mind to have adequate lighting so you can see your clothing properly

Do you want a walk-in closet? Take a look at our directory of general contractors.

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