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So you want to buy a hot tub?

After a long hard day of working, commuting, kids and everything else, what would be more relaxing than soaking your stress away in a bubbly hot tub? Add a cold beverage and maybe some good company and you have the makings of a perfect evening, or afternoon, or anytime really?

If you’ve never researched hot tubs, or haven’t looked at them in a while, you might be surprised by just how many options there are available. To make some sense of it, here are 5 key areas to consider when shopping around.


When it comes to hot tub construction, you’re typically going to find three options: soft-sided inflatable hot tubs, traditional hard-sided hot tubs and in-ground tubs.

Soft-sided, inflatable hot tubs are lightweight and easily portable. They can be installed indoors or outdoors on most any level surface. To set up, all you need to do is inflate it, fill it and plug in the heater.

Hard-Sided, above-ground hot tubs are what usually come to mind when someone thinks about hot tubs. Within this category you can find some different subcategories to consider, such as roto mold tubs, which are made from a material that almost resembled the stuff used to construct kids’ playhouses and then the acrylic and wood style.

Set up is a bit more involved with a hard-sided tub. You’ll need to have it placed on a level surface that’s able to bear some weight. You might also need to get professional help with the plumbing and electrical, depending upon the model you purchase and whether or not you already have an appropriate spot for placement.

In-ground hot tubs are the third option, and the style that you’re most likely to find installed adjacent to an in-ground swimming pool. However, they can be installed in a deck, or elsewhere.


Do you want something cozy for just you and maybe one other person, or do you enjoy the idea of hosting a small party in your hot tub? Most hot tub manufacturers offer both small and extra large hot tubs. For example, Canadian hot tub manufacturer Arctic Spa makes everything from the 3-seater Arctic Fox model all the way up to their huge, 14-seat Arctic Ocean model.


This is where your pricing can really vary. The different features available with your hot tub can cover everything from the number of jets, to lighting options, sound systems and more. You may also want to consider accessories like stair packages, cover upgrades, and hand rails.


Hot tubs require maintenance; however, if a low maintenance tub is an important factor in making your decision, then you’ll be pleased to know that Canadian innovation has made that an option. Have a look at this video from Arctic Spa to learn more:


The cost of your hot tub is directly related to your wants and needs, because there is a model of hot tub out there to suite almost any budget. You’ll need to think about your priorities. Think about how many people you want to fit into your tub at once, consider the features you would like, finishes and whether or not portability is a priority.

For example, with hard-sided tubs you can start at the low end with a simply-appointed rotationally molded option or go all the way up a high end acrylic and wood model that comes equipped with bells, whistles and more. The difference between the two can mean a price range anywhere from $2000 to more than $18,000 or anywhere in between.

Keep in mind that the initial cost of buying your hot tub isn’t the only expense you’ll need to consider. There’s also the added expense of hot tub chemicals and don’t forget about the extra hydro you’ll need to account for.

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