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Want to go smart? Here’s how to start.

Have you seen, read or heard about smart homes and marveled at the fascinating features, convenience and long-term savings that they offer?  Trust me, you are not alone. The growing number of smart home products on the market is evidence enough that the Canadian consumer is increasingly interested in purchasing products that make their daily lives easier.  In the context of our hectic lifestyles, anything that saves us time is a major win, but another great benefit of smart technology is that it saves us money too.

Are you ready to learn more about smart home technology? The only thing left to answer is “where do I begin?”

In today’s article, we will take a closer look at some of the first steps you can take towards a smarter home, including the best products for smart home beginners.

Smart Home Starters Checklist:

In order to take full advantage of smart home technology you should have:

  1. A smart phone, tablet or smart watch.
  2. WiFi connectivity in your home.
  3. The smart home technology that addresses your most pressing needs.*

*Here are my top 3 must-have smart products for smart home beginners:

  1. Smart Thermostats: When most people think of heating and cooling their home, they think both of cost and comfort. Comfort, because you want your home to be at a comfortable temperature after a long day of work and cost, because you don’t want to incur unnecessary utility expenses. Smart thermostats are a practical and affordable consideration for any smart home beginner, and allow users to remotely control and monitor the temperature in their home. Smart thermostats will monitor your usage trends and heat your home in an intelligent and efficient manner that allows it to be the temperature you need it to be, when you need it to be, without wasting energy unnecessarily.
  1. Smart Lights: Lighting is another major home expense which smart technology can help out with. There are smart light bulbs available now that can be controlled remotely by your smart phone. This allows you to dim or brighten a bulb anywhere in your home, from anywhere, at any time, or even set your lights on a regular schedule. Smart lighting may have initially set-up higher costs but will allow for extended bulb life, reduced electricity costs in the long term and the absolute convenience that complete lighting control has to offer.
  1. Smart Sprinklers: Now that your home is efficiently lit and heated, let’s take a look at how smart technology can help you in the great outdoors. Are you constantly concerned about over or under watering your plants and lawn? Smart sprinkler systems are available that can fully automate the watering cycle and match it to your city’s weather conditions to ensure an optimally watered yard at all times. Your lawn will never look better and your water use will be more efficient than ever.

If you are serious about stepping into the smart home market and enjoying the convenience and long-term cost savings benefits without breaking the bank on your initial investment, look no further than these three product areas.

They will save you time, money and hassle while making your life easier on a daily basis.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a smart move to go with a smarter home.

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