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Want the Greenest Lawn on the Block? Here’s How

For many Canadians, it’s been a long and dreadful winter. So, when the first breeze of warm temperatures hit Ontario, most of us couldn’t help but dream of basking in an outdoor oasis. Having a luscious and well landscaped lawn takes effort, but it’s worth enjoying this summer.

 Here are five ways to earn the Greenest Lawn on the Block:

Fertilize your lawn

In many parts of Canada, it can be difficult to gauge when winter is finally over. But once you notice consistent Spring temperatures, it’s a good idea to lay down a mix of fertilizer, grass seed and compost. This will keep your lawn nourished so it recovers sooner and will provide a good foundation for summer growth.

 Bye-bye weeds

The best way to keep weeds off your lawn is to crowd them out with healthy grass plants. Spread healthy lawn soil and overseed your lawn with good quality grass seed. This will help to promote the growth of new grass plants and will leave no room for weeds to take root.

 Fertilize twice

Remember, fertilizing your lawn doesn’t happen once a year. About six weeks after your first application of lawn recovery, you should apply a second dose of slow-release, high-iron fertilizer. Applying fertilizer twice will foster strong roots and healthy growth giving you luscious green grass that your neighbours will envy.

 Get the right tools

 As with any task, the right tools can make all the difference. “With proper care and the right tools, your lawn is sure to be the best on the block, and looking greener than ever before,” says Mark Cullen, Canada’s Garden Expert. “Every yard deserves a little extra TLC to start the season off right.”

Not sure what to purchase? A multi-function hoe is a must for planting, cultivating and furrowing. A narrow-head hoe has a long handle, but its small head is ideal for cultivating, weeding and spreading soil.

 Collect rainwater

 To give your property the kind of look that makes a good first impression, keep your lawn ultra-hydrated. To avoid a costly water bill, keep rain barrels around your property to collect nature’s gift of free falling water. Then use this hydrate your lawn.

Content courtesy of Home Hardware

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