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Want To Save Your Home From Old Man Winter? Get New Windows

The arrival of old man winter means one thing for homeowners – a rising hydro bill. Heating your home in winter can be a huge expense, especially if you have old, leaky windows. Gus George, owner of Platinum Home Designs & Renovations tells eieihome that replacing old windows could reduce your energy bill by as much as 50 percent depending on the condition of existing windows.

Gus George has been installing windows and doors in the GTA for 25 years and here are three things he suggests to think about when choosing the most energy efficient windows:

Style of window

Casement windows that open to the outside with a crank handle but are flush when closed have the best efficiency rating while slider windows, in which panes move from side to side or up and down are a little less efficient. The most efficient window is a fixed window, which doesn’t open at all.

Low-e coating

Low-emissivity glass reflects the UV rays from the sun. This keeps heat out of the home in the summer to cool your home and prevents indoor heat from escaping from your home in the winter by reflecting the heat back into the room.

When selecting windows, you can choose between single, double or triple low-e coatings. While the triple coat will yield the greatest savings in the summer by keeping heat out of your home, this also means your windows can’t take advantage of solar heat gain in the winter months from the warmth of the sun’s UV rays. If your primary concern is keeping your home warm in the winter, George recommends a single low-e coating.


When choosing a window installer, be sure to ask what materials they will use. George recommends foam insulation to properly seal the perimeter of a window. “Foam expands and it goes into every cavity of the opening, so you get a better seal,” says George. Fibreglass insulation, on the other hand, cannot penetrate into every nook and cranny, resulting in more air leakage. Although foam insulation is now the industry standard and is the only insulation used by Platinum Home Design, buyer beware: some companies, looking to cut down on their costs, are still using fibreglass insulation.

Call Platinum Home Designs & Renovations to discuss how replacement windows can reduce your energy bills this winter.

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