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Will the WEAVE home automation technology surpass Apple’s HomeKit?

We brought you news about the Apple HomeKit, a home automation platform that lets homeowners control a wide variety of devices that are compatible (and built for) HomeKit. But there’s something new on the horizon, another product that’s in direct competition with the HomeKit. It’s called WEAVE.

What is WEAVE?

Google recently announced its own home automation kit. Nest is a well-known name in the smart home technology industry. From thermostats to cameras and smoke alarms, they provide you with a number of ways to control your home via your smartphone.

But Nest hasn’t stopped there. The company has released its own software – WEAVE.

According to Canadian Contractor, WEAVE “lets products communicate with each other without a Wi-Fi network or internet connection. The result is longer ranges, improved security and reduced power consumption than those systems relying on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.”

If the power goes out and you have no Wi-Fi, your lights will still work because they’re not relying on the internet’s network!

As with most home automation devices, homeowners have the ability to turn their lights on a timer, or set the specific time the thermostat will increase a few degrees, so you can arrive at your home with the temperature at a desired temperature.

But with WEAVE, the devices can talk directly to each other and to Nest instead of through a cloud service and back to the home. So long lights turning on automatically when you’re not home or an alarm going off when the music accidentally turns on in your home. It’s a smart system that’s designed to make your life easier.

Take a look at this video for more information:

This is how it works

The problem with home automation software is getting all the devices to connect to each other. According to a Nest press release, the Nest Cam API is a camera that lets developers connect the products to the cam for the first time. It’s that easy to set up.

The Nest Cam itself is a cloud-based video monitoring camera that lets you stay aware of what’s happening in your home. Yup, you can watch your home from afar and be completely comfortable in knowing that your home is safe because you have eyes on it.


Is it better than Apple?

Here’s the thing about the HomeKit – it’s only compatible with iOS software, meaning you have to have either an iPhone or iPad in order to control your home automation devices.

WEAVE works with both Android and Apple phones, opening up the purchasing market.

Initial problems with the HomeKit became apparent as soon as the unit was released. Tech expert Geoffrey A. Fowler shared his experience using the program with the Wall Street Journal.

“Unfortunately, Siri just isn’t very reliable,” he writes. “I’m running the first HomeKit hardware in my house, with hubs by Insteon andLutron Caséta, but when Siri gets involved, I sometimes want to throw the iPhone out the window. She should know all my HomeKit-connected devices by name, but when I say, ‘Turn on the air filter,’ Siri presents a list of stores where I might buy one.”

WEAVE won’t be on the market until 2016, so we can’t say for sure how well it will work right off the bat.

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