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Wendy M Turley Ltd

Who is Wendy M Turley?

Wendy is the owner of Wendy M Turley Interiors Ltd (WMT). She went to Humber College and received her graduate diploma with honors in interior decorating in 2011. She is an avid blogger and enjoys sharing her practical experience with decorating and organization within the special needs community. Wendy is also a member of the Interior Décor Resources Canada (IDRC) and the Canadian Decorators Association (CDECA).

Wendy M Turley Interiors Logo

What is WMT?

WMT incorporated in 2011 and offers design services for people with complicated home environments, often this means working with people with special needs. WMT also offers personal shopping services to help you discover your own personal style or to help you add that professional touch to your home’s decor.

Wendy works closely with special needs organizations, such as the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).

What does WMT specialize in?

Wendy specializes in helping those who have difficulty decorating due to limitations in space or mobility and those whose needs are complex and changing. Wendy believes that everyone should be able to relax as they enter their home, knowing that they are part of their space, not merely being accommodated in their own home.

She offers a rather unique design service that creates designs using space planning, color, and soft and hard finishes.

Wendy also offers advice to new parents that have special needs or have children with special needs.

What does Wendy love about her work?

Wendy loves when a plan comes together. She enjoys it when a space becomes a positive influence on those that use it, believing that only then is the design truly a success.

Showcase Project:

A blind client challenged Wendy to create a nursery that he could use and where he could be a fully functioning father.  They thought they’d be able to get help from the CNIB on how to set up a safe nursery.  What they found was a surprise. The CNIB had no support for new blind parents. So Wendy began researching and she quickly found out what was really needed was not what was marketed. Then they had to find out how things would have to change to make things work for them. All her research came together when she designed and created The Textural Nursery. The Textural Nursery is a diaper pin and disposable diaper free environment. Items are stored by function, as in diapering, bath time, etc. it’s a grab and go system that needs minimal maintenance. Wendy used various finishes and unique space planning to bring this nursery together.

Textural Nursery different angle

Blueprint of textural nursery

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