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Which Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades Improve the Value of Your Home?

Ottawa-based kitchen and bath renovation experts discuss the projects that can improve the value of your home.

You want your home to sell for as much as possible.

Upgrades are a great way to improve the value of your home.

But only if they’re the right upgrades.

Unless you’re going to get to thoroughly enjoy it, you shouldn’t do big renovations right before you sell. It’s very unlikely you’ll see a significant return on your investment.

Any upgrades you do make should be in the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the rooms that matter most to buyers.

Focus on small, affordable upgrades that will impress buyers and actually help sell your home.

Kitchen Floors

Floors see a lot of wear over time.

If you have wood, tile, or laminate flooring, you should have it sanded, buffed, or refinished. This will make it look like new, but costs much less than replacing the whole floor.

The only time you should replace your kitchen flooring before you sell is if it’s outdated.

Most homeowners will forgive late ‘90s flooring, but old vinyl flooring from another era? That has to go.

If you have tile floors, make sure any grout is clean. Photo:

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters are another highly visible area that is important to buyers. You want them to look as attractive as possible.

In most cases, a brisk buff and polish will do the trick. If there are chips or cracks, they should be repaired.

Finally, remove all personalized items and appliances so prospective buyers can see clean lines and plenty of working space.

Similar to flooring, outdated countertops (particularly laminate ones) should be replaced prior to selling.

Granite is a bit expensive, but worth it if you’re planning to stay a few more years before selling.

If you want a more wallet-friendly option, Silestone or Corian engineered quartz is durable, practical, and beautiful.

Kitchen counters should be clean, uncluttered, and in good shape. Photo:

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets make the kitchen.

You might not notice loose hinges or the odd scratch, but buyers will.

Make the necessary small repairs to hinges, doors and interior shelves. Top it off with a fresh coat of paint, and voila!

If your cabinets are beyond repair, you should invest in replacing them. There are plenty of materials, styles, and colours to choose from – but we recommend picking something universally appealing and modern.

While it’s tempting to go with something on-trend or unique, your kitchen will draw more people in if it has a more simple, modern look.

Keep cabinets simple with clean lines and neutral colours. This will appeal to more buyers. Photo:

Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplash is easy and relatively inexpensive to replace, making it a great kitchen upgrade to improve the value of your home.

The best way to get a return on your investment is to keep the backsplash simple with mass appeal. Choose colors and styles that will complement your kitchen’s color scheme.

A simple tiled backsplash adds texture, but doesn’t overwhelm the eye – or turn off particularly picky buyers. Photo:

Kitchen Hardware

Another super easy and affordable upgrade is your kitchen hardware – mainly your drawers and cabinet handles.

Again, keep your choices simple, complementary, and widely appealing.

Focus on hardware that is comfortable to use and goes well with your kitchen design scheme. Photo:

Bathroom Counters

Bathroom counters are in the same boat as kitchen counters: they’re highly visible and extremely hard to look past if outdated or in bad shape.

Whether you need to make some repairs, or replace it all together, make sure your counter material and finish will hold up in wet, humid conditions.

Bathrooms are more humid environments: make sure your counter can handle it. Photo:

Bathtubs and Showers

Replacing your bathtub, shower, or both would be a big renovation. Chances are a little TLC will make them look like new at a much lower cost.

You can regrout shower tiles and replace old fixtures for a new-shower feel.

For bathtubs, a re-sealing will restore a tub to its former grandeur.

No matter the size of your shower or bathtub, small upgrades will make them look like new. Photo:

Bathroom Fixtures

This is another simple upgrade that packs a punch.

Towel bars, hooks, and handles in a sleek finish can make a positive impression on prospective buyers.

Remember: unless you’re upgrading for your own benefit, you want to choose fixtures that the majority of people will like.

Opt for sleek, modern fixtures that will bring your bathroom into 2018. Photo:

Invest in a Coat of Paint and a Good Cleaning

Perhaps the best upgrade you can do is a fresh coat of paint.

It’s easy to tell someone to ignore a wall colour they don’t like, but it’s another thing entirely to actually do it. Many homeowners will get hung up on the paint job and have difficulty seeing how great your home is.

You can instantly make a good impression by added a new coat of paint yourself. Choose bright neutrals that complement the rest of your home’s design scheme, and make sure there are no smudges or bare spots.

Finally, once the paint has dried and the upgrades are complete, invest in a good, thorough cleaning. You want your home to sparkle, and hiring professional cleaners will make it look like new.

Ask Your Realtor About Simple, Affordable Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look Good

Your realtor is a great person to ask about ways to improve the value of your home.

They’ll tell you what will give you the greatest return on your investment, and what renovations you should let the new homeowners complete.

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