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Whats on Your Bathroom Walls?

From bold colours, and neutral tones to natural stone tiles, trends are ever changing, especially when it comes to your bathroom walls. eieihome spoke with Helena, founder of MEI Interiors, this week about what her thoughts were on this year’s bathroom wall trends. Here’s what she had to say:

Aquatic Colors are In

Blues, greens and combinations of these colors are very popular right now and are often mixed into otherwise white or cream colored bathroom designs.

Natural Stone is Out

Natural stone tiles are losing popularity, mainly because of their nasty habit of absorbing stains from water, soaps and other bathroom products.

What are people using in place of natural stone you ask? They are switching to ceramic and glass tiles. People are choosing to use large tiles in their bathrooms. Using larger tiles has an added bonus of using less grout and less grout means less maintenance and care, which makes it a lot easier to keep your bathroom sparkling clean. Large tiles can also make your otherwise small bathroom appear much larger.

Small tiles are not as popular as they used to be, however they are still being used as highlights, backsplashes and in feature walls in bathrooms.

Wood is Back

Wood is also making a comeback, but Helena wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a large enough bathroom where you can keep it away from the shower and bath. Wood has a tendency to warp or become damaged from excessive moisture. You can prevent this with the proper care, but you should remember that wood in the bathroom means extra maintenance compared to ceramic tiles.

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