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What Size Should Your Chandelier Be?

There are no concrete rules for choosing the size of your chandelier. Interior designers advise their clients to stay away from buying a small-sized chandelier for a large room. On the other hand, the use of candelabras or small chandeliers allows, in certain cases, you to get an interesting compositional effect. In the end everything depends on your tastes and wants.

Room chandelier

When choosing chandeliers as the main source of light in a room, some rules do exist, but they should be used more as a rule of thumb than as a strict guideline. The overall configuration and design of your room must be considered, as well as the style of the chandelier you wish to buy. The recommendations listed below should be applied only for residential rooms.

One-level living rooms and bedrooms:

The ratios presented below are true for rooms with total areas of 100 – 250 sq. ft. For the approximate determination of the chandelier’s diameter, you’ll need to measure the length and width of the room in feet and add the two numbers together to get an approximate diameter of the chandelier in inches.  For example, if the room is 13 x 15 ft., add the two numbers together and you will get the number 28. This is the approximate diameter of your chandelier in inches – 28 inches.

If the room has a high ceiling, then you can also add 6 inches to the final number.  If the ceiling is very high, you can add an additional 6 inches.

However, you should not use this formula for determining the size of the chandelier for a very narrow room. In this case, it is best to select two chandeliers of smaller size.

Dining rooms:

For the dining room, the diameter of the chosen chandelier should be approximately half of the width of the dining table, above which the chandelier will be hung.

Dining room contemporary chandelier

For banquet type tables, in a long or large dining room, instead of one large chandelier, it is preferred to use two or more smaller chandeliers.

Dining room two pendant chandeliers

Foyer, large and two-level rooms:

The lowest brim of the chandelier should be located at a distance of no less than 2 meters from the floor, but if the ceilings are high, this distance can be even larger. Even in this case, one should not place the chandelier too high.

Two story spiral chandelier

The location of the chandelier in the room must be harmonic with the room’s dimensions. If the room has a staircase, then the location of the chandelier must be considered with additional care.

If the room has a staircase leading to the second floor think about what is more important to you – how the chandelier looks from the first floor or from the second floor. If the staircase is wide, the chandelier will look attractive if looked upon from the foyer, but it will not look attractive from the top part of the staircase. We can assume that the view from the foyer is often more important.

Some homeowners want the chandelier to be visible from the outside through their tall stained glass windows. In that case, the chandelier will be hung high, up towards the ceiling. According to us, the view of the chandelier from the inside of the house is more important than how your house is viewed by your neighbors.

If you have to hang the chandelier up high (due to the presence of the second floor), then pay attention to the relation of the chandelier’s levels to that of the second floor. If it doesn’t work, turn to us at Lights On to get a specially ordered model. We can design and manufacture chandeliers of a length sufficient enough to look good to an observer located on multiple levels.

Like a diamond on a necklace, the right chandelier is like a jewel for your house. It sets the ambiance and provides light, so it is important to pick the right one for your home – both in design and in size. This article has sought to develop a rough guide for choosing the right size for your type of room.

For the right design, take a look at the Lights On gallery of unique design solutions in the “Choose your Product” section. For more detailed and personalized advice on size or design, come – talk to one of our professionals at Lights On, 432 Kerr Street, Oakville. Together, we will create something that will beautify your house.

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