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What to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodel

What homeowner doesn’t dream about having the perfect kitchen? Whether you want more space, integrated appliances or just a fresh new look, remodeling your kitchen is the first step towards making your dreams a reality. Done correctly, a kitchen renovation will add value and livability to your property overall. However, you’ll need to start off on the right foot to ensure that your kitchen renovation doesn’t turn into a planning nightmare. In order to keep the process running smoothly, you’ll need to consider a few key points before you begin hiring kitchen renovation contractors or ordering supplies. Read on to discover the most important steps towards remodeling your kitchen with minimal hassle.

Kitchen renovation with dark wood
Photo: Mirage Floors

1. The Kitchen Renovation Budget Is Everything

First ask yourself: Is there a chance your ideal kitchen could cost more than you anticipate? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is more often than not yes. Even very well thought out kitchen renovation budgets can sometimes verge into the red, so it’s important to always maintain a safety buffer against unexpected costs. This may mean that the Italian granite countertops you envisioned are out of the picture, but staying within your financial bounds is essential to getting the kitchen renovation done – after all, there’s little worse than being stuck with a half-finished kitchen. Consider your main sources of funding: will taking out a loan be necessary? Think carefully about how much you want to spend before hiring a kitchen contractor.

2. Know Your Planning Permits When Renovating Your Kitchen

Remodeling any part of your home may require you to become well versed in your local building restrictions and legalese, so be prepared to get acquainted with the joys of paperwork. You will also have to be well organised before you apply, and able to prove that your project complies with safety and building regulations. Some contractors or remodeling companies may be able to help with this portion of the job, but make sure you establish who will be responsible for obtaining permission for works before signing a contract.

3. Read About Other People’s Kitchen Renovations

Experience is the key to a job well done, but what if this is your first time organising a kitchen remodeling project? Use the power of the web to research ways to save money and time without cutting corners. You’ll find blogs like are a great way to gain insight into the kitchen remodeling process, and after reading just a few stories you’ll learn a lot about how to choose contractors, negotiate contracts and avoid some of the big problems associated with construction work.

4. Safety First

Whether you plan to DIY some parts of your kitchen remodeling project or will be hiring a team of experts and contractors, it’s a good idea to understand the main safety issues before breaking ground. If you’ll be working with power tools, be sure to perform a risk assessment and know in advance how to handle any emergencies. If you’re looking to build an extension for your kitchen remodel, you must also be completely aware of your surroundings, as unexposed wires and cables can be risky to anyone onsite. At minimum, you should hire a good surveyor like Sumo Services to map out the location of all potential electrical or chemical hazards underground. Never leave this portion of the job up to chance – always take care to assess the safety situation fully, and constantly throughout the kitchen remodeling process.

5. Visualise Your Kitchen Renovation Goals

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to domestic kitchen perfection. The kitchen remodeling process can sometimes be difficult, so use an inspiration board or drawings of your planned kitchen to help you get through the more stressful times. Your hard work will pay off – keep your mind on your goal and you’ll be enjoying your new kitchen in no time.

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