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What’s Hot & Stylish In Gas Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a wonderful design element and can create a great focal point in any living space. They can instantly transform your room and create a warm and cozy ambiance in which to entertain, enjoy family time or just relax. Fireplaces consistently remain an integral part of our design projects, perhaps that’s because some of the newest models available are making them irresistible!

Let’s explore one of my favourite fireplace designs new for this year – the Bellfires. This line is developed by National Energy Equipment , focusing first and foremost on safety they are not however lacking in design aesthetics. Bellfires are wonderfully innovative, giving us an elegant, modern and artistic appearance. Instead of your traditional log set or accents such as crushed glass or river rock, they are offering a more organic inspired log set using driftwood or for contemporary option driftwood in combination with stones.

There are several noteworthy styles that have recently been released this past month. The Horizon Bell 3 is a stylish, horizontal gas fireplace that is progressive in its design. The Horizon Bell 3 features an expansive width that is increasingly popular in design. This concept allows for maximizations of both the ambiance and experience of your fire creating a fantastic design element in your home – with or without the addition of a formal surround or mantel. One added feature that as a designer I really like about the Horizon Bell 3 is the optional “floating frame” concept. This is an innovative, newly developed concept that is based on the optical floating of an 8mm thick profile behind which ceramic glass is fitted. This allows for your fire to be experienced, more than ever, as an open hearth… a fantastic design possibility.

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Other noteworthy product launches from Bellfires is the Corner Bell 3 unit and the View Bell 3. Both are well designed units again emphasizing maximum viewing potential. These units have been created with certain modernity in mind. The expansive wrap-around glass allows you to enjoy the ambience of your fire from various directions within your living space. Instead of a simple fireplace with traditional mantel in your family room, perhaps a Bellfires Corner 3 unit could transition from your kitchen to your family room creating a completely different feel to your surroundings.

Before purchasing a new fireplace unit speak with a reputable dealer that will assist you in selecting the right size and BTU’s for your space. One knowledgeable retailer I rely on is Kastle Fireplaces. If considering installing something like the Bell Corner 3 unit between rooms, have a professional assess your space, both for the maximization of design potential and for any structural concerns.

Whatever your final inspiration may be for your new fireplace, be imaginative. Don’t shy away from pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone just a bit and incorporate some of the more modern characteristics available in some of these new gas fireplace units, like Bellfires. It’s a terrific way to update the design aesthetics of your space, creating a warm and inviting place to relax . Now grab that cocoa and enjoy those cold nights in front of your new flame.


About the Author: Linda Mazur is Principal Designer for Linda Mazur Design Group

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