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What’s your design fear? This expert talks decor phobias

Cheryll Gillespie has been working in the interior design business long enough to know what decorating phobias are preventing clients from getting the home they want. From fear of hammering a nail in the wall to hang art or a mirror, to sticking with boring colours, there’s a laundry list of them. She tells us how and why to get over them quick!

Decorating phobias exist?!

I was surprised when we started to list all these decorating phobias to see how many there are. It’s amazing how a fear keeps us from enjoying our homes to their full potential.

Home is the most important space in our lives; it can literally keep us healthy. Yes, there is a direct link to our health here: it can improve our emotional status, improve our love life and make us more productive and creative.

It’s imperative that our homes not only look fabulous and reflect our sense of style and personality, but function efficiently and purposefully. Therefore, in order to overcome our phobias, I thought we should start by identifying them.


Fear of breaking up a set

From a design or even a functionality standpoint, you do not need or want to buy the entire matchy-matchy set of bedroom, living room or dining room furniture. Today, our taste is far more creative and eclectic and this also leads to more functional furniture. Dining chairs do not have to match the table or each other. For example, you may have upholstered wingback-style chairs at the head of the table and slip-covered side chairs around your grandmother’s antique table.

If you’re unsure of how to use the current pieces you have coupled with the pieces you want to purchase, why not consult with an interior designer? After all, it’s their job to tell you what works and what doesn’t!

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Fear of not having furniture line up against a wall

Let’s stay with furniture for a moment as we discuss the fear of moving furniture away from the walls. Rooms will function more creatively when we are able to pull the furniture away from the walls and allow a piece or two to float in the space. This is a good time to hire an interior designer for a couple of hours to come in and help you with a new furniture layout plan. Several design firms will even help you via e-mail.


Fear of colour

Of course, many of you still have a fear of colour. Colour, as in paint colour, is your least expensive, most effective decorating tool. Never fear dark, rich and vibrant hues that will leave your rooms beaming with elegance and style.


Fear of hiring a designer

And one of the most common fears, the fear of hiring an interior designer. Many believe a designer won’t be able to work within their budget or will make them start all over and toss out everything they have. They believe that their budget or home is too small to bother a designer with or that it won’t look like their space when the project is done.

Fear not! A good designer will respect your budget and honestly make it go further than you will be able to do. They will also ensure that your home is perfectly designed to ‘be’ you. If this isn’t the case, then you didn’t hire the right design team. It’s important to do your homework and interview design firms to find the best fit for you.

These are the most common fears that we need to get over to ensure that our homes and how we live in them are amazing! Live fabulous, design with passion and abandonment.

interior designer

Are you ready to get over your decorating fears? Contact one of our interior design experts for help! Scroll through customer reviews and image galleries. Your research will help you find the right fit for your home projects!

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