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When a tree stands between you and your dream home

If you’ve ever needed to build on a piece of land or wanted to build an addition to your home, there’s a good chance that you may have been faced with the literal obstruction of a tree sitting precisely where you want to build.

Traditionally, this would result in one of two things, you either change your plans, or that tree comes down. For many, this can be a painful, costly choice. In our age of greater ecological awareness, most people feel a sense of responsibility for preserving trees, whether part of the urban forest or in rural areas. But, what if you had a third option?

While they’ve been manufactured for many years now, most people have never heard of a truck tree spade. Truck tree spades are a piece of heavy equipment that make it possible to remove and transplant living trees of various sizes. So rather than chopping the tree down, this incredible piece of equipment, mounted on a skid steer or truck (depending upon the size of the tree spade) vehicle digs down around the tree’s roots, then gently removes it to be transplanted elsewhere.

The process of transplanting trees is truly fascinating to behold. In fact, our telling you about it simply doesn’t paint the proper picture. So, here’s a video from industry-leading tree spade manufacturers, Dutchman Industries to really show you how it’s done!

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