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Why You Should Choose Custom Roller Blinds

Many department stores and home furnishing retailers provide people with roller blinds that are designed to fit any standard window size. These types of blinds are obviously convenient, easy to come by and probably cheaper than having them custom made. However, made to measure roller blinds provide you with many more benefits.

Custom sized blinds do not take long to produce by the provider and ultimately look more appealing, making your home look more presentable. These types of window treatments are, typically, made from more exotic materials.

Measure your windows

The first step in purchasing these custom made roller blinds is to measure the windows you wish to decorate. This isn’t as difficult or time consuming as it may seem. Just simply measure the width and length of the window using a standard tape measure. It is always an idea to round the measurement down instead of up to get the most accurate measurement possible. Long or short blinds are always likely to fit the window so taking time to ensure that the width is accurate is important.

Roller blinds that are simply a general size may do the job of blocking out the sunlight and prevent passers-by from peering into your house, but they won’t give your home a polished and clean feel. Because the blinds are generally too long for the frame it is fitted to, you end up with a frumpy look to the window, especially when rolled down. Made to measure blinds removes this problem. The blind will look majestic as they fit and hang perfectly from the window, creating a more pleasing sight.

Custom designs

The design of blinds can be quite limited when buying in general sizes. Made to measure blinds tend to come in much more colours, designs and materials, allowing you to make the perfect choice when it comes to decorating your home.

It may be hard to believe but custom made roller blinds are more energy efficient. This may not seem true, but it is. When heat or cold is pushed through the house, it has to fully circulate in order to raise or lower the temperature. Windows with general sized blinds will trap the air in between the blind and the window meaning more power will be needed to circulate the air. While this may make only a small change, saving money is better than not saving money.

Custom made blinds are much easier to use. Putting them up or rolling them down is more straightforward as the blinds fit your window perfectly.

Although these types of blinds can be more expensive than other window treatments the results speak for themselves. A well-presented house, a lovely set of blinds that match the home’s decor and extra cash saved on your heating bills can’t be a bad thing after all.

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