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Window Quality – Who Do You Believe?

When it comes to making purchases for your home, whether it’s furniture or a new bathroom fixture, not every product is alike. Rather, you can probably pick out the differences when looking at some pieces side-by-side. When it comes to buying new windows, however, you may think this is an easy decision. After all, it’s just a window, right? How different can they be?

Steve Mercer, president of Fortress Windows and Doors, says homeowners shouldn’t be misguided when purchasing new windows just because they look so similar. “It’s like buying tires for your car. They all look the same, but they’re not. The proof is in the performance and longevity of the product.”

It’s impossible for the average consumer to tell if a window is good quality or not, says Mr. Mercer. “We can stand two windows together side-by-side and ask the general public which window is better quality. There would be a 25% chance of getting it right.”

Consumers looking to purchase new windows and doors should be mindful when meeting with industry professionals. Mr. Mercer says common red flags to watch out for include when contractors push a client on a decision due to special pricing, or if they say they will beat any price. “Many sales [teams] will say anything they think the consumer wants to hear.” In the end, this won’t always result in the best quality product and service.

That’s why Mr. Mercer believes in a three-prong approach when it comes to his business, an approach that’s dedicated to making clients happy they chose Fortress Windows & Doors to do their project.


Mr. Mercer says clients that work with Fortress can expect a made in Canada, high-quality, superior product that’s built to last. Not only is the quality important, but also the service that follows an initial installation or repair. If a client needs a contractor to return for any reason, Mr. Mercer says they’ll return to address any concerns or needs.


Most people want to know that they’re getting a good deal on a product they are purchasing, no matter what that product may be. Fortress offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on maintenance, services and products – one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Mr. Mercer says he can also help homeowners save money with the right products, including the installation of energy-efficient windows.


An initial consultation with a client begins with a visit to their home to discuss the project, whether it’s a window or door replacement or repair. Any home improvement or renovation project turns one’s home and life upside down. “We understand [it’s] an exciting pain.” Mr. Mercer says most projects can be finished in one day, with bigger projects taking no more than two to three consecutive days. “We never, ever start a job and leave,” says Mr. Mercer. At Fortress Windows and Doors, the goal is to finish the job as quickly as it can be done at a very professional, high-quality level so as not to inconvenience the clients any more than they need to be.

Mr. Mercer says in the many years he has been in business, what makes him happy is hearing how great the experience was for homeowners who had work done by Fortress.

“I love to hear people say, ‘Dealing with you was phenomenal.’” Mr. Mercer says that response from clients “doesn’t happen by accident.” It simply comes from doing business the old-fashioned way through treating clients the way we would like to be treated.

Thinking about getting new windows or doors? Contact Fortress for a free quote!


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