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Start planning a window renovation now

After a cold winter season, you often forget how cold their homes were inside. The rooms you found so cozy this summer may be so cold this winter that you can’t even walk into them. We spoke to Kaileigh Donelle of Brock Doors & Windows about acknowledging winter window issues & budgeting for your renovation project while they’re obvious & recognizable.

How you can tell if your home needs a window renovation

If you can recall turning on the furnace last winter that still certain rooms were considerably colder than others, it could be a sign you need to replace your older windows.

Donelle says a drastic increase in your home’s heating bill over the winter months could signal that new windows are in order. That’s because the current windows in your home aren’t up to the technology and install standards of today’s windows.

If you’ve purchased an older home and don’t know how old the windows are, Brock recommends having a window expert provide you with a quote for new windows. Old windows may not offer the proper insulation, which can prevent being able to maintain a consistent temperature in your home.

“A Brock window sales representative will be able to recognize an older window and make suggestions on replacing them,” she says.

Another problem is noticing dry water marks or condensation in between the panes of glass. This indicates a seal failure, which means you will be spending more money to heat your home.

Acknowledge window problems now and plan for the future

Some homeowners assume they must wait until the spring to replace windows, but winter is a great time to have new windows installed. In fact, installations happen all year around. Most companies offer promotions during the winter season, with a faster turnaround on project completion.

Donelle recommends having a reputable window expert visit your home to determine what windows should be replaced.

“If you haven’t done your research and don’t know about what windows you need or the cost, have an expert come out for a free in-home estimate to make some recommendations and give you an idea of the cost. This way, if your budget only allows for so many at a time, you can at least acknowledge which windows are the top priority.”

Brock Doors & Windows has been in business for over 25 years. They have the knowledge and expertise to tell you exactly what your home needs and help you prioritize your project.

“We go into houses every day,” says Donelle of the Brock team. “To find out what you need, have an expert come into your home and walk you through it.”

Start planning for your window renovation now. Visit Brock Doors & Windows online for more information and read customer reviews.

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