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Winter is coming! Get your windows ready for the winter season

After a long, hot summer, it’s hard to think about those drafts that gave you the shivers last winter. But if you haven’t thought of it already, now is the right time to think about having your windows replaced by these experts to ensure optimal comfort in your home this winter.

We spoke with Steve Mercer of Fortress Windows and Doors, a company which was awarded the best window and door company in Toronto last year, about what to look for in windows that will protect you and your home from old man winter.

Avoid Band-Aid solutions

If you notice your older windows are allowing cool air into your home, you may think simply adding more caulking around the frame will do the job. But Mercer says this is simply a Band-Aid solution that doesn’t address the real problem. “Older windows just don’t have the technology to accommodate a higher efficiency,” he says. Replacing your windows is the only way to ensure you reduce the amount of air infiltration in your home and provide a more comfortable living space.

Looks cold out. The last thing you want is for old windows to let the cool air into your toasty home!

Looks cold out. The last thing you want is for old windows to let the cool air into your toasty home!

Look for windows with Low-E Coating

Low-E (which stands for low emissivity) coating is the latest technology used in windows to promote higher energy efficiency and keep your home comfortable all year long. Low-E coating is a silver oxide coating that reflects like a piece of glass.

“It keeps the heat in the house in the winter because the heat source is coming from inside and it keeps the heat out in the summer because that’s where the heat source is coming from in the summer,” says Mercer.

Low-E coating also allows less ultraviolet rays to come through your windows, reducing damage to your furniture, window coverings and flooring. Although many window companies may tell you that their windows have Low-E coating, the best way to tell is to check if the windows are Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certified. “All CSA Certified windows will have Low-E coating,” says Mercer.

Fortress Windows and Doors installs windows that are CSA certified with a Low-E coating.

These windows keep outdoor air out, while giving you the perfect view of your outdoor surroundings through the glass.

These windows keep outdoor air out, while giving you the perfect view of your outdoor surroundings through the glass.

Ensure windows are properly installed

When doing a retrofit installation, Mercer warns to ensure installers are using a bead of caulking between the brick and aluminum.

“A lot of installers will do a pressure fit and they don’t put caulking between the brick and aluminum which allows air infiltration and bugs,” says Mercer. Check with your installer about their installation process before hiring them.


Retrofit your home with new windows before the winter weather arrives. Fortress Windows and Doors can help! Visit their profile on our website to learn more about the company, read more advice from Mercer, and view their extensive portfolio for window inspiration!

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