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Winter is Coming! Prepare your home

Recently, we’ve been experiencing warmer than usual temperatures, which means the perfect opportunity for homeowners to begin preparing their home for winter. Once your home is prepared you are less likely to have unforseen issues. There are a many chores to complete before winter hits but there are a few to really hit first. eieihome came up with the top seven projects you should complete before winter arrives.  

Lawn Prep

The lawn that you prepare in the fall will be the lush grass you grow in the spring. Aerate your lawn by punching holes throughout it to let oxygen and nutrients feed grass roots and give room for grass to spread. Apply fertilizer before end of November to fortify your lawn for the winter’s harsh climate. Instead of raking and bagging all those leaves, shred them with your lawnmower and leave them on your lawn to decompose during the winter to nourish the grass.

Aerating your lawn for as your winter prep project.

Clean Gutters

When your gutters are filled up with leaves and gunk from the fall, it results in ice damming and water damage after snow storms. To avoid this completely, ensure that you clean and clear your gutters of all foliage. For an eco-friendly way to dispose of the gunk you collected out of your gutters, add it to your compost pile.

Cleaning gutters when you prepare your home for winter.

Turn Off Outdoor Spigots

Don’t wait until a sudden freeze to shut off the water to your outdoor spigots. Frozen water can burst your pipes and cause costly water damage to your home. Turn off water valves, and then open all outdoor spigots to drain leftover water out.

Protect Outdoor Furniture

A harsh winter can damage fabric on hammocks and outdoor furniture. Haul furniture and patio umbrellas into the basement or garage, or cover them with waterproof protectors.

Caulking & Weather-stripping your windows

While the weather is still warm, inspect your house for peeling weather-stripping and caulking, which will let in cold air and let out heated air. Inspect areas around windows and doors. If you see light around frames, then air is escaping. Fix the problem with a tube of caulking and fresh weather-stripping. Also, make sure door sweeps are in good condition, otherwise, repair or replace them, as needed. You can hire a professional to inspect your windows and doors or you can complete this task yourself. If your windows look like they need major repair, we suggest calling a professional to replace your windows.

Furnace Maintenance

Don’t wait for the first frost to call your HVAC professional to give your furnace a pre-winter checkup. He will inspect—and if necessary clean—the blower, evaporator coil, burner assembly and the duct work. At the very least, clean or replace air filters, and remove dust from room registers.

Prepare Your Fireplace

If you use your wood-burning fireplace often, clean and inspect it every year. Make sure the flue is working properly and that fire screens and doors are in good condition. You should cut and stack enough wood to last through the winter, or order more from a local supplier.

To protect your home and ensure your comfort during cold weather, complete your winterizing projects before the first frost.

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