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Winter Renovation Work: Cold Weather Work

Home renovations are usually conducted during the spring, summer or fall, when the weather is warm enough to accommodate any type of work that might be needed. However, if you are intent on renovating your Hamilton home, there are a few things that can be done during the winter. Of course, you cannot do the same things in the winter as you can during spring or summer, but there are options for you. What can you accomplish during the cold months of the year?

DIY Concerns

If you will be renovating the home yourself, you’ll find that you have more restrictions than if you use a professional contractor. For instance, working on your roof during the winter is usually not a good idea. Rain, snow and ice can create hazards (and make it impossible to even reach your roof). In addition, some roofing materials will not set properly if applied during the cold, which can lead to roof leaks.

Concrete is another problem area here. Concrete sets best at a warmer temperature. If you are pouring concrete outdoors during the winter, you will have to apply an artificial heat source to ensure that it sets properly. Often, it’s best to just wait until the weather has warmed enough to do the job correctly, unless you’re making emergency repairs that will not wait until springtime.

Indoor work of any type can be done during the winter, so long as you take proper precautions (protecting new flooring from wet footprints, etc.).

Contractor Considerations

If you will be working with a general contractor, then you have some other considerations to make. For instance, the right contractor can usually do anything that you want done during the winter months, but you will need to budget a significantly larger amount of money.

If you want a contractor to work on your roof during the middle of January, most will accommodate you, but you will face extra charges for more equipment needed and more time spent on the job. The same general rule applies to almost any outdoor construction during the winter months.

Should You Renovate in Winter?

Only you can answer the question of whether building in winter is feasible, as it will depend on what you need done, your budget and whether you choose to hire a contractor. However, most homeowners will find that any outdoor work is best left until the weather warms up, which will have a huge impact on the entire project.

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