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Winter Renovations – Yes You Can!

Home renovations are usually conducted during the spring, summer or fall, when the Canadian weather is warm enough to accommodate any type of work that might be needed. However, if you are intent on renovating your home, there are a few things that can be done during the winter. Of course, you cannot do the same things in the winter as you can during spring or summer, but there are options for you. What can you accomplish during the cold months of the year?

Outdoor Work

Almost any form of outdoor work, unless it’s an emergency, is best left to warmer times of the year. Not only will it be more costly, due to the need to remove any snow or ice, but you may need to rent heaters for things like concrete, for example, which sets best when the temperature is warmer.

Indoor Work

Renovating and updating the interior of your house is easy enough during the winter. Consider a flooring project, although both you and the contractor will have to work hard at making sure that the floor is protected from tracked-in dirt or snow.

Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is another renovation to consider during the winter months. A new backsplash, kitchen counters, and cupboards as well as new appliances are definitely an option.

Placing the finishing touches on your basement is another excellent idea for the winter months. Provided no foundation work needs to be completed, you could be entertaining guests with a beautifully redecorated games-room just in time for Christmas.

Planning Ahead

Now is the perfect time to decide which areas of your home you truly want to improve. When you have your project planned during the winter months, it makes the process much easier once you start during the spring, summer or fall. The professionals you plan on hiring for your project may be able to help you more with the planning as sometimes the winter season tends to be their slower months. You can call a general contractor, interior designer, or a landscaper and schedule them to come during the warmer months well ahead of time, meaning you’ll be the first on the block starting that new project.

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