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Those dreaded winterizing tasks can save you money this winter

Clean the gutters, get the furnace inspected, seal the air leaks and more. These might be tedious tasks to complete around your house, but winterizing can not only protect your home from serious damage, but can also save you money this winter! Keep reading to find out what areas in your home need improvement that will deliver savings.

Seal those air leaks & save money

If you live in a household that likes to keep the house toasty and warm during the winter (and really, who doesn’t?), then you’re probably preparing yourself for high energy bills. But there are ways you can save money on energy this year. Most homes have air leaks – it’s a very common occurrence. Air can leak in and out of the following places:

  • Air ducts;
  • Recessed lights;
  • Attic entrance;
  • Door frames;
  • Window frames.

…and that’s only a few places in your home. Air leaks waste a lot of energy. Once you identify the source/location of an air leak, you can devise a plan to fix it.

  1. Caulk and weatherstrip doors and windows.
  2. Caulk and seal leaks where plumbing or electrical wiring come out through ceilings, floors and soffits.
  3. Cover the kitchen exhaust fan when it’s not in use.

These are sure ways to not only prevent air leaks, but to keep the warm air you’re paying for inside your house – and the cool air out – for up to 30 per cent savings on your energy bill.



Need some help sealing the air leaks in your home? Why not use our directory to find a handyman to caulk and seal the air leaks for you? This way, you can be sure the job is done the first time!

Change your furnace filters – when they’re dirty

At, we’ve often talked about the benefits of changing your furnace filters. When they’re clogged, they prevent the furnace from operating at optimal efficiency, thus preventing you home from heating at the desired temperature.

It’s recommended that air filters are changed every three to four months. If you’re finding the air filters get dirtier faster than three months, then invest in more filters and change them more often. Keep your furnace operating efficiently and you shouldn’t have a problem heating your home when the chilly weather outside is unbearable.

See the difference?

See the difference?

Don’t know what furnace filters to buy, or where they get installed in the first place? Reach out to a heating and air conditioning specialist for help! They can advise what your furnace needs in order to operate properly this winter.

Lower the thermostat when you’re sleeping or away from home

A programmable thermostat is a great way to save money on energy this summer. When you leave the house, set the thermostat a few degrees lower than usual. Since you’re not occupying the house while you’re away, you won’t be paying for wasted energy.

Sure, the unit itself could cost up to $200, but over the course of a few winter seasons, you’ll easily make up your investment in your energy savings.

Free heat? Keep the blinds open!

When it’s a warm and sunny day outside, keep the blinds open! Let the sun come into your home. After all, it filters through the window anyway. It’s a great way to heat your home without having to use the furnace.

However, once the sun goes down, you’ll want to lower the blinds and close the drapes to keep that warm air sealed tight in your home.

windows (9)

Is your home prepared for winter? If not, there’s still time, and this should give you more incentive to prepare! Don’t forget to use our home service directory to find professionals to help prepare your home! We have dozens of handymen that are great around the house, and heating experts to keep your home warm as much as possible this winter.

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