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Winterizing your home can keep you safe

Winterizing your home is an essential autumn/winter task that prepares your home for the cold winter season ahead. Not only can it prevent significant damage from occurring to your home, but it can also keep your family safe. Here’s an overview of what winterizing tasks to tackle and why they’re important. Enlist in a handyman to help you out if you need.

Don’t be left stranded on the coldest day of the year

We cannot stress how important it is to get your home’s heater/furnace inspected this time of year. With the cold weather outside, you’re bound to be turning on your furnace at any given moment, but imagine your surprise upon turning it on to find that it’s not working. You’ll not only have to call an emergency heating and air conditioning specialist to visit your home immediately, but you may also be forced to leave your home in order to stay warm. While that’s not a huge problem, it’s most certainly an inconvenience. If you have small kids at home, the house may become too cold for comfort.


Instead of waiting for that dreadful moment to happen (and we sincerely hope it doesn’t happen to you!), then get ahead of what could be a foreseeable problem and contact a heating expert to visit your home and inspect your unit. They can ensure it’s in working order, which will prevent an emergency from occurring at your house this winter.

Don’t sit by the fire if it hasn’t been inspected

Picture this: you’re spending quality time with your family. You have a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hand and you’re sitting by the fire. A fireplace is the perfect accessory that not only provides you warmth, but helps you wind down in the comfort of your own home.

There’s one problem, though. Not taking the precaution to have your fireplace inspected can become a hazard to your home. If there is damage to the fireplace, like cracks inside, or an unusual smell, it needs to be inspected by a certified chimney expert.

Bill Bassels of The Chimney Company also says your fireplace should be retrofitted with a grate to keep the fire elevated for air circulation. A screen placed in front of it also prevents sparks and ambers from flying into the room, also protecting your family.

Before you turn on your fireplace this winter, please have it inspected!

These warm spaces are not complete without a home inspection!

These warm spaces are not complete without a home inspection!

A fire can be prevented with a working smoke alarm

With all the heat happening in your home to keep you warm, any home can be at an increased risk of a household fire. That’s why having a working smoke alarm in your home is so important. Think about it – you may leave the fire on to keep the house toasty before guests arrive. You could have several pots and pans on the stove, cooking up a meal and leaving something in the oven. Any of these things can lead to a household fire.

Ensure your smoke alarm is working and be sure to change the batteries often. This way, you’re always prepared for the worst case scenario and are protecting your family at the same time. This is how you test your smoke alarm.


This winter, protect your home and your family by taking these precautions. Winterizing is a big job; don’t go at it alone! Instead, consult our directory to find a laundry list of handyman service professionals who can ensure your home is ready to brave the cold winter ahead!

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