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Beginner’s guide to winterizing your home

If you’re a new homeowner, you may not be familiar with the phrase ‘winterizing your home.’ With the cool weather finally arriving, you can keep warm by the fire, but your home needs just as much warmth! Here’s your ultimate guide to winterizing your home and which experts to call to get it prepared for the long winter ahead.

Have an HVAC specialist inspect your unit

The last thing you want to happen this season is for the furnace to break down, leaving you with no heat source on a very cold winter night. That’s why we recommend you use our directory to find a heating and air conditioning specialist to visit your home and do a thorough inspection of your furnace. An inspection will not only help detect if there are any problems, but they can also ensure your furnace is up to date with any maintenance, such as changing the furnace filters.


Editor’s note: Did you know that winterizing your home can also save you money? Check back on our blog this week to find out how!

Hire an insulation expert to examine your home

Every home has insulation, but if your home isn’t retrofitted with the right amount of insulation – or the right kind – then your home could be at risk of being a very cool dwelling this winter. One of your winterizing tasks should be to have your home inspected by an insulation expert. They’ll be able to determine if the air barrier seal around your home is continuous (which prevents air leaks) and ensure there’s enough insulation in the walls of your home to keep  you warm.

Foam insulation can keep your home extra warm this winter.

Foam insulation can keep your home extra warm this winter.

Editor’s note: Insulation can also save you money this winter! Don’t forget to visit our website again to find out how!

Seal air leaks

You’re spending money to heat your home, so why would you want that warm air to literally go out the window? So much energy is wasted when the doors and windows of our homes are not properly sealed.

To determine if your home is experiencing air leaks, put a piece of tissue next to the door and see if there’s any movement. If there’s a draft, consider rolling a towel and placing it at the bottom of the doorway to keep air in.

You may also want to consider hiring a handyman to replace the weatherstripping along the doors to prevent air leaks.

Air leaks can happen anywhere in your home. Have a handyman inspect your place.

Air leaks can happen anywhere in your home. Have a handyman inspect your place.

Clean the gutters

This is likely one of the least favourite tasks a homeowner has to do, but it’s also one of the most important winterizing tasks you can do for your home. When there’s heavy rainfall (or snow that’s melting on the roof) and there are leftover leaves and debris stuck in the gutter, it can prevent water from diverting away from your home. Not only that, but water that’s left in the gutter that freezes near your roof can cause a lot of damage to your home. Prevent ice dams by cleaning your gutters regularly!

This water has nowhere to go thanks to the debris clogging the gutters.

This water has nowhere to go thanks to the debris clogging the gutters.

Prepare an emergency kit

A home emergency can happen at any moment, leaving you stranded without energy. That’s why it’s so important to build an emergency kit to keep you and your family warm and safe. Here’s what every good emergency kit will include:

  • Flashlight;
  • Batteries;
  • Whistle;
  • First Aid kit;
  • Blankets;
  • Towels;
  • Non-perishable food;
  • Clothes;
  • Sleeping bags;
  • Water.

The winter season can be treacherous and you never know what might happen, resulting in needing any of this equipment!

Test your smoke alarmsmoke_alarm

House fires often occur in the winter season because that’s when homeowners are turning up the furnace and turning on the fire. Now is the best time to make sure your smoke alarm is working. Simply hit the test button on the unit to hear if it beeps. If you don’t hear anything, it could be time to replace the batteries.

Winterizing your home is a necessary fall task to protect your home during the long winter, while keeping you and your family safe indoors. If you need some help getting these tasks around your house done, don’t hesitate to use our directory! We have every home service professional you need to keep your home in working order, including a handyman to fix air leaks, help you clean out the gutters, and heating and air experts to examine your furnace.

Stay tuned for our next blog post on how winterizing can save you money!

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