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Wiring Considerations – Fact and Fiction

Wiring is an important part of home construction and remodelling. However, before you attempt any electrical wiring in your home, you need to know a bit more about the process. It’s important that you are able to separate fact from fiction here – there are numerous myths that have grown up concerning electrical wiring, and making the wrong move can be deadly. Here are some of the most important things you should know.

Wiring Is Not Very Important

There is a myth out there that implies that wiring can be done in any way that gets the job done – getting current from one point to another is all that matters. This is wrong. If your home is wired incorrectly, you might still have power at your switches and outlets, but you might be in violation of building codes regarding routing methods, shielding and other considerations. In addition, should your home’s wiring be haphazard, you are putting you and your family (as well as your home) at risk.

Anyone Can Run Wire

Contrary to some forms of thought, there is an art to installing electrical wiring. This is why licensed, certified electricians have to spend years in training before they can work on their own. If an electrician has to spend years in study, then wiring is not a simple, straightforward affair. This means that not just anyone should run your wiring (including you, if you do not have the right training and knowledge). While electrical wiring might seem a simple thing, it’s actually very complex and can be dangerous.

As Long as the Breaker Is Off There Is No Threat

One school of thought holds that so long as you have the breakers switched off, then there is no threat. This is true to a certain extent. So long as the breaker controlling electricity flowing to the wiring in question is off, then there is no current. However, the problems appear when the breaker is turned on (or if you are not sure which breaker to switch off).  Flipping a breaker on after incorrectly wiring an area can cause fires and electrocution – death is a very real possibility here.

Wiring is something that should be left to trained professionals. While it can be simple to run wire from point A to point B, doing the job right by an electrician and ensuring safety require considerable knowledge and training, which most homeowners simply do not have.

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