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With the BeOn light bulb, you’ll never have to fear burglars or power outages

With the cold weather on its way, households have to be prepared in case of a power outage (better call an electrician to inspect your lighting sources!). As for burglars, you should always be prepared for that, especially if your home is stocked for the holidays. New home automation technology – the BeOn light bulb – can ward off both problems this winter!

Here’s how it works

This is not your average light bulb, people. What resides inside this light bulb-shaped device is a yellow module. According to Digital Trends, the yellow piece inside is a battery, microphone and Bluetooth radio all in one.

Once it gets inserted into the bulb, you’ve activated it immediately. It doesn’t need to be installed into a lamp. In fact, it simply turns on immediately because of the battery.

How does this help you this winter? If the power ever goes out for whatever reason, you automatically have a back-up because these handy lights will give you hours’ worth of lighting until an electrician can repair the problem.


Here’s a detailed overview of how it works:

The install is simple

With most home automation technology – and any home automation expert on our list can probably vouch – requires some sort of app or hub in order to connect your devices.

BeOn makes it simple. Simply download the app to your phone, insert the yellow modules in the light bulbs. When you turn on a lamp, the app will immediately detect them. This helps the app get used to your lifestyle, when you’re turning things on and off.

According to a Digital Trends writer, she used them for a week before they started learning her habits. “The one in my bedroom ‘knew’ that I typically turn it on around 11:30 p.m.” The article also indicated that when she was out of town, the bulbs will still turn on and off. This way, it looks like someone is home, and is a great way to prevent someone from burglarizing your home.

Not only that, but the BeOn light bulbs will turn on when the doorbell is run, signalling to a visitor at your front door that there is indeed someone home.

Remember, all you have to do is download an app. No screwing in light bulbs, finding out what wattage you need. It’s that simple.


You’re looking at about $75 per bulb, but you can also buy a starter pack for $199 and that includes 3 BeOn bulbs.

What do you think? Would you invest in the BeOn light bulb system? We’d love to hear from you! Share this via Facebook and Twitter and tell your friends what you think of it!


If you love the idea of home automation, but don’t know if this is right for you, why not speak with an expert? We have an extensive directory of home automation experts who can help you determine what’s best for your lifestyle and home (and what will fit into your budget).

Home automation doesn’t have to be scary – get some help with it!

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