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Has Your Wood-Burning Fireplace Lost its Spark?

Not using your fireplace as often as you would like? Chances are, that means you have a wood burning fireplace. While a good old-fashioned wood fire is brimming with loads of ambiance and offers the option to cook over it, the reality for many homeowners is that they just require too much effort. That could mean it’s time to consider converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas.

There are several reasons why someone might convert a wood burning fireplace to gas, including easier maintenance, convenience, and environmental considerations. Let’s take a look at what a gas fireplace has to offer in each of those categories.


Starting a wood fire requires a bit of knowhow. Granted, it isn’t especially difficult for most people to accomplish. However, there is some skill and time required to effectively combine the kindling and seasoned wood in a way that encourages it to light and develop into that crackling fire we all enjoy.

In addition to building the fire is the matter of fueling it. If you live in a rural area, gathering and storing wood is much less of an issue. However, if you love in the suburbs or in the city, where yards are smaller, and you can’t simply chop up a tree, acquiring and and be more of an issue.

By contrast, turning on a gas fireplace is literally the flip of a switch.

Lower Maintenance

Not only is it more involved to start the fire itself, but there’s also a lot more to maintaining a wood burning fireplace. Your wood-burning fireplace will need to be cleaned fairly regularly to remove excess ash and to clean the firebox. You also need to have it inspected and professionally cleaned annually. This may be not problem at all for some homeowners, but for others, they simply do not have that time.

Environmental Considerations

Most experts agree that running a gas fireplace is a better choice for the environment. Gas burns cleaner and produces fewer emissions. You may also find that a gas fireplace loses less heat up the chimney, which can make it a more efficient supplement to your furnace.

Converting a Wood-Burning Fireplace to Gas

Ready to make the switch? There are a few different options that can take the place of a drafty, old traditional fireplace. Gas fireplace inserts and gas log sets can offer exceptional warmth and convenience, with many being able to accurately replicated the aesthetic beauty of a traditional log fire.

To make the switch, contact a gas fireplace expert in your local area. When you visit their showroom, they can introduce you to a variety of fireplace styles and finishes. You will find that there is a perfect gas fireplace to fit, most any budget and design style.

Visit the listings of fireplace experts here on to find a qualified specialist near you.

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