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Work from Home in Style

It’s back to school time and while you may be focusing on your kids if you work from home or have your own business getting organized for your children’s studies can be the perfect time for you to get your home office ready for business too.

Whether your home office is for running a full business, a spot for your once a week work from home day, your entrepreneurial enterprise side business or simply a space to organize Home Inc. you deserve to have more than just and old table and an extra chair stuffed into the corner of a room.

Anyone can put a desk in a room, but if you want a great setup you need to have a few strategies to get the most productive setup.

  • Evaluate how the space you find can be dedicated for your use and can be “your space.”
  • Determine the best spot in your home to separate yourself from the rest of the goings-on in the home and to convey a sense of “off limits”
  • Where will you be comfortable? But not too comfortable, an office that is too casual may seriously impede the ability to get things done.


You can set up your office anywhere in your home, even in a closet!  Do you need to be able to watch the kids?  Do you need to be in a very quiet place? Do you need to be able to look out the window?

Set up your office where you will be most inspired and motivated to do your best work.  While you may have a large space for an office beside the kitchen, the high amount of traffic and noise may not be best for you to focus on your tasks.  Sometimes using a smaller space in a good location and setting it up with the right storage can make for a better office.


Your home office doesn’t have to be beige or gray with old filing cabinets, a plain wooden desk and an uncomfortable chair. Like every other room in your home, your office should reflect your unique style and personality.

Are you into modern pop art or urban loft edginess, simple sophistication or maybe even glamorous and chic? Once you have your theme you can put together pieces to give you the right feel.  If you already have some of the basics, shopping at a store like Homesense can be ideal for the right accessories to add to your space.

A glass and chrome desk (Homesense $399.99) paired with an industrial bulb pendant light (Homesense $39.99) may be all you need to get more of an ultra modern look.

More into a loft feel?  A wood and industrial metal desk (Homesense $179.99), funky vintage looking filing cabinets (starting at $29.99 Homesense) some cool street signs (Starting at $39.99 Homsesense) along with an industrial wall sconce ($49.99 Homesense) can make it happen.

If glamour is your thing, a sleek white lacquer desk ($99.99 Homesense), a furry Mongolian stool ($69.99 Homesense), a marble desk lamp ($69.99 Homesense) and a gold-framed mirror ($69.99) will give you chic style.

For a more simple sophisticate, pair your favourite wooden desk with a Debbie Travis Collection (Sears) side chair that comes in a set of two for $599.99 and throw down a Debbie Travis matching rug (Sears $249.99).  If you are in tight living quarters or your office is taking up a small nook a floating wall mount home office storage shelf is just what you need ( $206.07).

Be sure to paint your walls an inspirational colour like blue or yellow or hang some great art, prints or photos to give it a personal touch.


After working in a home office myself for a while I realize the most important item is a good chair. You spend hours sitting and if your back starts to hurt you lose focus.  You can buy ergonomically correct chairs that do have some style, or take a stylish chair and buy ergonomically correct support to pad it with.  The Herman Miller Sayl ($424+) has a cool industrial design and gives you high-end design with comfort. For the most bang for your buck, The IKEA Markus ($169.99) swivel chair has lumbar support and is fully adjustable while being minimalist and sleek.

Once you have the chair adjust it to so the top of your computer screen is at eye level or a little below. Position your keyboard so your forearms are parallel to the floor. Your feet should rest firmly on something—the floor, or a footrest if you’re more on the petite side.


About the author – Natalie Deane is a multi-platform content producer/director/journalist with more than 10 years of experience.

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