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Yes, you should hire professional movers

If you’re getting ready to move into a new home, you might be debating about whether to make the move on your home (with help from a few unlucky friends) or to hire professional movers. If you’re leaning toward the DIY option, you’ve probably got moving costs on the mind. After all, why pay hundreds for the service when you can buy a few pizzas and a 2-4, right?

The reality is that there is a lot more to consider than just costs when it comes to deciding between moving yourself vs. hiring professional movers. Moving expenses should really be figured into your overall home-buying costs. It ensures a smoother transition from old home to new, lessens the chances of damage to your property, and let’s face it, finding people to help your move gets a lot harder the older you get.

Stress Reduction

Moving is hard, and moving with children can be doubly so. Between multiple trips and poorly packed breakables, forgotten teddy bears, sore backs, sore knees and sour feelings, moving on your own can take a serious toll on your relationship with your spouse, family and friends. That is, if you can find people who are willing to give up a weekend in order to lend a hand.

Hiring a service takes a considerable amount of stress out of moving day. It means you won’t need to find childcare for small children, or worry if you have enough hands to help carry grandma’s credenza into the new family room. It will also allow you to concentrate on making the move easier for young children or elderly parents.

Additional Services

Most professional moving companies offers services beyond simply moving your things from one home to the next. To really take the stress out of moving, be sure to look into what your movers have to offer.

Some Additional Moving Services may include:

  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • High quality packing supplies
  • Interim Storage Services
  • Specialized service option for senior citizens
  • Piano Moving

How to Hire a Moving Company

There are a lot of people driving around in vans or trucks, calling themselves professional movers. Some are reputable. Others, not so much. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for before hiring someone to take on your move.

The Government of Ontario has outlined 5 important questions to ask when hiring professional movers. We think that these questions are important and relevant no matter where you happen to live.

  • Ask for references (and check them)
  • Ask about their insurance coverage and all that it covers
  • Ask about who is responsible if anything is lost or broken
  • Ask to visit their storage facility (if this service is offered)
  • Ask if the movers follow the “Good practice guidelines for Canadian movers”.

Move Some Things Yourself

Even if you’ve hired a reputable moving company to do everything including packing, unpacking and moving, it’s still a good idea to move some things on your own.

  • High-Value Items: If you have high value items such as jewelry, artwork or a collection of expensive wines, you may feel better packing and transporting them on your own.
  • Children’s Toys: Allow you children to pack a small box or bag of their favourite toys and take it to the new house yourself. This will help ease the transition, and unpacking will be less stressful if you don’t have to sort through a pile of boxes to get to an essential bedtime stuffy.
  • A Personal Pack: Have each member of the family pack a bag containing pajamas and another change of clothes, toiletry items, favourite snacks and a small form of entertainment (such as an iPod, tablet, or a game).

Keep stress to a minimum on moving day, by literally taking the heavy lifting out of your hands. To find professional movers in your local area, be sure to browse our listings here on





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