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Your air ducts need cleaning!

You clean your floors, sweeping away all the dust bunnies and bread crumbs. Your house looks clean, but there’s one area that you can’t get to with a broom – your air ducts. spoke with Brendan Ryan, a Lead Technician at Dave’s Duct Cleaning, an award-winning air duct cleaning company servicing homes in the GTA, about why you should get a duct cleaning.

Regular maintenance

“Cleaning your ducts is like going to the dentist,” says Ryan. Although we brush our teeth every day, yearly visits to the dentist removes plaque from our choppers and avoids buildup and decay. The same is true for your air ducts. Over time, dust and other particles build up and require a professional cleaning. Although Ryan says duct cleaning should be done every five to seven years under normal living conditions, it’s a good idea to clean your ducts after any major home renovation or on a more frequent basis if you have pets or are experiencing an abundance of dust in your home.

Improve efficiency

Ensuring your air ducts are clean means your HVAC system will work at its optimal capacity. “It’s like if you have a propeller and you’re going through weeds. The propeller is working harder because it has so much drag,” says Ryan. The point of an HVAC system is to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. If you have some rooms that are hotter or cooler than others, it could be the result of a blockage in your air ducts that can only be discovered by having them cleaned out. Duct cleaning can also reveal mechanical issues that need to be looked at in order to improve your system’s function provided the company is certified, qualified, experienced and trustworthy.

Find things that shouldn’t be there

Ryan says it isn’t uncommon to uncover animals or animal feces in a duct cleaning. “Small and dark places is where animals like to get inside – it also, isn’t uncommon to see construction debris in new builds and lost toys in older homes,” he says.

Improve comfort

Homeowners will often experiences changes in their air flow after having ducts cleaned. During an air duct cleaning, all of the dampers will be opened to ensure optimal air flow throughout the home, which will improve the comfort level of the entire space.

How long has it been since your home had a proper duct cleaning? It’s never too late. Contact the duct cleaning experts at Dave’s Duct Cleaning. Visit their profile on our website for more information, to watch videos and take a look at duct cleaning before and afters!

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