Your Guide to Handling a Flood and Preventing Mold Growth

Recent bouts of torrential rain have left many homeowners with damp or flooded basements. If you’re among Mother Nature’s unfortunate victims, don’t despair. Taking swift action can put your mind at ease and eliminate problems before things get worse.

The last thing you want is for your flooded basement to spiral into an out of control mold zone. Though mold can grow anywhere, flooded homes are an optimal environment for mold growth. Severely flooded homes may even develop mold problems so extreme that they become uninhabitable due to health concerns.


Mild mold exposure causes allergy-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and a runny nose. However, people suffering from asthma and pre-existing health problems should be wary as mold can aggravate symptoms. In extreme cases, mold exposure has been linked to heart problems, cancer and even death, though evidence that mold growth was the primary factor in these illnesses is hotly debated among medical professionals.

Heating up your mold problem

Though there are a host of mold-killing chemicals available on the market, industry professionals recommend heat treatment as a safe alternative, especially for flood-related mold growth problems. Heat restoration increases the internal temperature of your home to more than 113 degrees, to kill mold and dry out flooded areas. This kills the mold present and completely prevents it from spreading to other areas of your home.

Alex Dayan, VP of Magical Restoration, a Toronto restoration company specializing in mold remediation, agrees that heat treatment is a flood-victim’s best bet. “Extreme heat primarily dries up your environment, eliminating the moisture required for mold to grow in,” he explains. Dayan goes on to say that Magical Restoration uses a patented heat treatment called ThermaPureHeat, which allows heat to penetrate into every nook of your home, including inside the walls and floors. “Ensuring mold has nowhere to hide is essential to permanent mold removal,” Dayan adds. Heat treatment is ideal for all types of mold problems, whether you’ve recently experienced a flood and want to prevent a potential issue, or want to eliminate a full-fledged mold problem.

Visit Magical Restoration at for more in-depth information about flood restoration and heat treatments. They provide special offers and free, same-day consultations across Southern Ontario.

If you’re a victim of a flooded basement or believe you may have a mold growth problem, visit to find a service professional that can help.

Editor, Marika Asikainen

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