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A1 Security Systems

5195 Harvester , Burlington, Ontario , L7L 6E9  -   Map


A1 Security Systems has CANASA trained technicians to provide quality installations and monitoring for a reasonable fee. Our intrusion alarm systems come with a Certificate of Installation which can be submitted to an insurer for discounts on insurance. Your security system can consist of magnetic door and window contacts passive infrared motion detection glass breakage detection smoke detection heat detection carbon monoxide detection compound detection with photo beam or red walls flood detection for sump pumps, under Network Room raised floors, on ceiling tiles, next to laundry facilities low temperature detection to ensure pipes don't freeze and rupture high temperature detection for LAN or Network rooms to ensure expensive equipment does not get damaged by high heat when air conditioning units fail interconnect with freezer alarms, compressor alarms, ammonia alarms fire, medical or police panic buttons hard wired and / or wireless solutions internet monitoring high security applications backup or primary cellular communication monitoring emailed alerts for instant notification of all alarm signals A variety of test and inspection programs to ensure your system has maximum up-time, are available upon request. Benefits of Intrusion Alarm Systems Insurance discount Stats on Break and Enter Points as documented by the Hakim-Buck Study on Suburban alarm effectiveness 1991. 79% of break-ins occur on the first floor and or ground floor windows. 9% occur from the garage. 2% occur from the second floor door and 10% occur from other points of access. 9 out of 10 police chiefs agree that security systems deter burglaries as per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Police Chief Magazine.

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