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About Town Electric

Milton, Ontario




Free Safety Evaluation At About Town Electric your home and the safety of you and your family is our first priority. We make sure your home is free of electrical hazards and meets today's standard of safety. Damage is caused in homes by faulty wiring and negligence than any other source. That is why we complete a FREE 12 Point Safety Evaluation in EACH & EVERY home we go to. It is our goal to address current problems, detect problems, and prevent future damages. Most major electrical issues are avoidable with proper maintenance and evaluation. Home Inspections Our exclusive 60 Point Home Electrical Inspection is an essential first step towards insuring the safety of your family and your home from any electrical hazards. All potential hazards will be identified, and based on our report, a suitable plan of action can be determined. Our inspection will provide you with a detailed written report on the present condition of your home's electrical system. Using our exclusive 60 point check-list, our technician will conduct a thorough survey of your home's electrical system. Our electrician will open your electrical panel and check the condition of all components. He will make note of exposed wiring. He will check lights, receptacles and switches. The integrity of ground and bonding connections will be verified. Any Code Violations and Safety hazards will be noted. This thorough inspection may take up to 2 hours. Not sure if your home is safe? Have our fully trained residential electrical specialist perform our whole home safety inspection. This 60 point inspection will cover every aspect of your home's electrical system and provide you with a full, detailed report of any safety hazards that need attention. Electricity brings warmth and light to our families. It powers most modern conveniences, and it even helps protect us from threats to our security. Electricity is powerful, but in our homes it must be handled carefully. Most people have a handful of electrical safety hazards lurking about the house. Many go unnoticed until an accident, or a tragedy, occurs. If left alone many will turn into major problems that will become as inconvenient as they are expensive to fix. Is your insurance company looking for a professional electrical inspection or are you buying or selling a home? Given that the average house changes hands every eight years, rarely does a licensed electrician perform significant work in a house after it's built. This means many houses have accumulated a number of electrical hazards as a result of unqualified electrical work being done over the years. Unfortunately, the insurance companies have learned the hard way that this can lead to many insurance claims and have therefore decided that a detailed electrical report in many cases will help them give proper coverage. Our electrical home safety inspection is one of the most comprehensive in our industry and has provided our clients the information they need for their insurance companies. When it comes to buying or selling a home don't get blinded by last minute problems with the home's electrical system! Worried about the knob and tube, aluminum wiring, incoming electrical service or outdated fuse panel? We provide a detailed report regarding your home buy/sell inspection. Have one of our professionals provide recommendations and pricing that make sure your real estate transaction goes smoothly.

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