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Active Clean Air Inc.

11 Wedgewood Drive , North York, Ontario , M2M 2H2  -   Map


Our expertise in mold remediation piqued our interest in airborne and surface contaminants and we have had a multiyear search to find the most advanced technology in the air purification field. Most people would feel that outdoor air pollution is more of a concern for us today than our indoor air but since the mid seventies Asthma cases have grown exponentially to the point where today 1 in 9 children have Asthma. Our air-tight energy efficient homes/workplaces are producing higher allergen/microbe levels that are being trapped and re-circulated. Unless air purification technology is deployed the indoor air that we breathe is having negative consequences on our health. The EPA states that indoor air quality has the most severe impact on our respiratory systems. The majority of our time is spent indoors, so it only makes sense that we have the cleanest possible air to breathe as well as germ free surfaces. Our systems represent the most advanced technology in the air purification and surface disinfection arena. They are designed to kill on contact pollutants in the air and on surfaces. The environment is sanitized completely with our MCI technology. You are what you consume and clean air is just as vital to your health as clean water or food. Microbial contamination of indoor air and surfaces represents a major public health problem and is a potential source for sick-building-syndrome. Our mission is to eliminate these harmful pollutants that are found in all indoor environments with the newest advanced air purification and disinfection technology. Our commitment is to provide clean purified air and a sanitized room in a safe and cost effective manner. The air that we breathe is vital for our overall health and our technology is proven to deliver the cleanest air possible. Little is communicated about the effects of laundry on our health and our world. Detergents alone contain a slew of illness causing chemicals that also hurt our environment. Laundry products in themselves are a large contribution to the pollution found in homes and our bodies. Our Clean Water mission is to help Canadian understand the harm being caused to the environment and ultimately to themselves with each use of their laundry. We have been able to successfully provide and alternate solution which perfectly cleans our dirty laundry without the use of any harmful chemicals, without the use of any laundry products entirely.

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