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(3 Reviews)

Advantage Pest Control Inc - GTA

931 Progress Avenue, Unit 12 , Toronto, Ontario , M1G 3V5  -   Map


We are the Major Pest Control Provider and have been for Over 35 years in the GTA. Our Technicians are Seasoned and Fully Licensed. We take Pride in being Experienced in Pest Control and Providing you with the Best Possible Pest Control Options.

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    3 Reviews

    1.We Haven't Seen Any More Wasps...

    Maria & Eddy Toronto,On 4/7/2014

    We had a problem with Wasps up at the edge of the roof, which somehow were making their way into one of the bedrooms. We called them and they came the next day. The gentleman sprayed the hole where the wasps were and he also sprayed inside the bedroom around the window, ceiling and air vent. It worked, about an hour or so later, we counted about 20 wasps which were dead, or nearly dead, so it was easy to just flush them away. We haven't seen any more wasps. I would recommend this company, we are satisfied with the service we received.

    2.I Would Highly Recommend This Company

    Stefan Pickering,On 4/7/2014

    I was killing about 20 ants per day for a whole week in the winter time, which means they were living in our house. I emailed 5 different companies and got a response within hours from Paul. The price is about $100 more compared to others however, they are the only ones that guarantees a 1 year warranty, others only guaranteed 6 or 7 months. Plus, Advantage Pest Control did the whole house not just the problem area. The exterminator was a very friendly guy with 18 years of experience, he also educated us on what to do to prevent this from happening again. After they sprayed the whole house, that same day I counted 75 dead ants on our window ledge, who knows how many more dead ones were inside the window. The company is coming back in the spring time to spray the exterior of the house. This company specializes in carpenter ants so, I wanted to deal with the best. I would highly recommend this company.

    3.Work Has Always Been Exemplary

    Tonia Clarkson,On 4/7/2014

    Upon moving into a new house this summer we found earwigs just about everywhere - yuck! Advantage was on time, professional and fixed the problem quickly. I've had them back to deal with several bees nests and spiders and the work has always been exemplary. It is easy to get early morning appointments and the office staff is friendly.