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ALL THINGS WILD Animal Removal Service & Wildlife Control

2584 Allyson Ave. , Windsor, Ontario , N8W 5N6  -   Map


Let ALL THINGS WILD be the first company you call when you have wild animals invading your property. Our Technicians have the experience, expertise, and proper equipment to conduct a thorough inspection of your property and determine the invading species. Once the animal and the entry point has been identified , Our trained technicians will discuss with you our humane non lethal removal methods, and what would work best for your situation. ALL THINGS WILD uses humane methods to evict animals from a site. Our one way door system allows an animal to exit the nesting area, but renders it unable to re-enter. Once we determine that the animal has left, we seal the area with sheet metal or galvanized steel wire mesh to prevent an animal from entering again. The area is also cleaned, and decontaminated removing the animal's scent.

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