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ArbreCare Tree Service

P.O.Box 35057 , Kingston, Ontario , K7L 5S5  -   Map


ArbreCare Plant Management is about specific programs designed to maintain your trees and shrubs. Healthy plants are able to survive serious attacks of disease and insects. Healthy trees and shrubs adjust better to changes in the climate and are less likely to be damaged by windstorms. APM includes a free estimate and consultation of your property. Most trees that decline in health or die suffer from a combination of stress factors. A diagnosis of your tree's problems by ArbreCare's certified Arborist is the first step towards better plant health care. RootZone Fertilizing Custom-blended tree and shrub fertilizer provides optimum levels of nutrients for healthy plants during spring, summer or fall. Proper nutrients protect against insects, disease, small yellowish leaves, little or no fruit and short stunted growth. Cabling and Bracing Sometimes trees develop in a way which makes them structurally weak making them susceptible to damage from winds, storms or even the weight of their own foliage. In established trees, cables and braces are used to prevent or reduce storm damage. Pruning and Restoration Crown cleaning and thinning is the most popular APM procedure. Crown cleaning removes dead, dying, weak or diseased branches from the tree or canopy. Thinning involves the selective removal of branches for better light and air circulation or to lessen wind resistance and damage potential from storms. Structural pruning is recommended to improve appearance and maintain space between other trees, buildings or power lines. Insect and Disease Control Using insecticidal soap and dormant oil products assists in washing harmful dust and pollutants from your trees as well as controlling damaging insects. Spray applications are timed at specific intervals throughout the spring and summer to match insect population pressures and coincide with occurrence. Tree and Stump Removal Tree removal is best handled by ISA Certified Arborists. We have the expertise, experience and equipment to remove any tree safely in any situation. We are fully insured and our employees are covered under the Workers Compensation Act. When safe removal of your trees has been done we can provide you with our stump grinding service. Our machine reduces any stump to wood chips well below grade level. Excess wood chips are raked up or placed under nearby trees or shrubs as beneficial mulch.

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