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Beaver Brothers Inc

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Deck Builders


We are in the business of building decks, making long-lasting relationships with our valued clients and providing services that are exceptional in value and unique in price. In doing so for the last 6 years, we’ve built a reputation for being the best in the Greater Toronto Area. Elegance is the buzzword quite applicable to the decks, no wonder why. You want spending the enjoying nature with your family in leisurely hours, hold parties without disturbing interiors of the home or just relax in an elegant place. A deck offers you all in one – your pride for adding the immensely graceful part of the whole house. Deck making industry has come up well gathering stronger professional expertise with each conventional stage of developmental tenure to the present times of modernity. Each section of time evidenced its characteristic fashion as the building blocks to what you see today. Deck designing and construction taking months of everyday timber and nail work was common scenario of deck building. But, you can’t forget the tense moments undergone by those homeowners who spent harrowing times deciding the design, pattern of laying and material to select. Apparently, it sounds simple taking a few decisions to give a go. Quite disagreeably with this thinking, putting up a deck taking these decisions deck is intimidating affair for no other reason, but make you sink in the maze of confusing options. You have the options of treated Pine, Cedars, Cypress or Tamarack within the available choice of wood. If you go for exotic category of wood, you have the options for Ipe, Mahogany, Teak, Cumaru or Jarrah. You can otherwise take an altogether reverse turn towards man-made substances with a range of choice within composite wood and plastic decks. After passing through this hurdle of selecting decking material, the next stage is deciding about a design and working up your mental image of how a style looks once in place. Things do not end here; you got to go further deciding the shape, think of railing, the height and deciding the roofing area if any to let the deck makers professional decide on requirements of footings. While building a deck, you need to be also sure of its pleasing appearance after it is finally polished or treated with stain. The whole get up has to be in harmony with your building itself. Conventional custom decks are coming strongly in the decking market, but of late the preference is shifting from standard 10 x 12 dimensions due to a dull box-like appearance. Contemporary architectural styles demand more up-to-date deck styling. You will see a range of modern designs in custom decks to merge with current architectural façade of buildings. You can easily and quickly form mental picture of how a design sits after positioning. It becomes much easy when you can see a ready-made deck. Furthermore, you can see the entire get up of particular designs in different colors and patterns.

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