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Benchmark Waterproofing Inc

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Benefits of Waterproofing Many homeowners when faced with a leaky, wet basement ignore the problem and pray that it will go way. Waterproofing is not a glamorous renovation item like a new kitchen or bathroom and it is usually unexpected. Benchmark clients often claim that the basement never leaked before and are surprised by the water influx. But if your foundation begins to leak, the leak will always get worse. Repair, renovation and maintenance of your home's foundation leakage systems through Benchmark Waterproofing's proven, modern products and techniques are mandatory. Tackling the necessary waterproofing work as soon as the problem arises to prevent greater leakage is one obvious benefit of waterproofing. There are significant health advantages as well when you eliminate a wet basement situation. The biggest family health threat in a leaky foundation is the growth of mould and mildew, both of which can have severe respiratory consequences especially for anyone in the household who is young, old or has breathing difficulties including asthma and allergies. Moulds and mildew require moisture to survive and grow so the slightest basement dampness is fuel to their reproduction and the problem increases. Now you have two problems: mould and a wet basement. The answer to solve both is to remove the water or dampness. The way to eliminate the danger is to meticulously and professionally address the waterproofing of the foundation the Benchmark way for a dry, healthy, liveable basement. The presence of mould, bacteria and mildew negatively influence the value of your home if you are thinking of selling before professional waterproofing is completed. Home inspectors readily pick up on these defects and prospective buyers will discount their offers by dollar amounts generally greater than the actual value of a remediation by Benchmark Waterproofing. The leakage itself is a negative for selling and real estate sale offers generally include a disclosure clause about the integrity of the foundation waterproofing. A guarantee from benchmark solves this obstacle for you. Other economic benefits relate to your possessions. Canadians particularly use their basements for storage, additional living space and other functions. Wetness, dampness and water infiltration always damage or destroy anything housed within the space. The value of such items is not recoverable as insurances do not cover basement or foundation leakage. Beyond your stored possessions, foundation wetness affects paint, drywall, and other finishes that may be in place. So you lose the value of your original investment and are forced to make an additional outlay for new renovations to the space. If left without remediation for a long time, waterproofing failure and a leaky basement can affect the structure of your home itself. The structure and stability of the foundation may and supporting elements may be damaged and then the repair costs skyrocket. Taking into account the numerous benefits of waterproofing by Benchmark, this is not a renovation to delay. Call today for your free estimate, wet basement analysis and to schedule your dry basement by our trained experts.

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