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Cornerstone Plumbing Solutions INC.

Guelph, Ontario


Our mandate is to provide high quality service and products to customers who expect quality work and knowledgeable professionals. In addition to the excellent service provided by our licensed plumbers, all products have a 2-year warranty. Cornerstone Plumbing Solutions provides: Upfront Pricing - Take the guess work out of pricing. We will have a written quote for you before we commence any work. This ensures the home owner is educated and in control of what is happening within their home. Clean and courteous service - We take pride in our work and will treat your home or business with respect. Our Licensed plumbers will arrive with our own cleaning products to ensure we keep our promise. Licensed Plumbers - Don't be fooled by plumbing "Technicians", our tradesmen are fully licensed plumbers, certified by the Ontario Government. Fully Insured - We take responsibility of our actions. Communication - We constantly communicate with our customers to ensure they are aware of what is happening in their home. Family Owned - A local company that cares about its community and country! We believe all customers are privileged to a polite, knowledgeable and licensed professional. Call Cornerstone Plumbing Solutions today for all your plumbing needs. Services Free Home Plumbing Inspections Free Water Hardness Testing Supply and install Water Softeners Drain Cleaning (plugged drains and toilets) Renovations: Piping and Consulting Upgrades Required by Insurance Backflow and Cross-contamination Device Testing Appliance Hook Ups Dishwashers Laundry Machines Refrigerators Icemakers Steam Units Beverage Machines Water Softeners Reverse Osmosis Systems Water Filters Carbon Filters Installation & Repair of Kitchen Sinks and Faucets Bathroom Sinks and Faucets Bathtubs and Showers Toilets and Bidets Laundry Tubs and Faucets Instant Hot Water Heaters Gas and Electric Water Heaters Water Softeners Water Filters Reverse Osmosis Systems UV Treatment Systems Water Supply Piping Backflow Prevention Devices Emergency Shut-off Valves Drainage Piping Sump Pumps Sewage Ejection Pumps Urinals Commercial Kitchen Fixtures Water Heaters and more... Water softeners will extent the life of your plumbing fixtures. Dripping faucets and slow toilets are often caused by hard water that could easily be solved with a water softener. Cornerstone Plumbing Solutions can supply and install an extremely efficient and state of the art water softener in your home for as low as $1395.00 plus tax. We encourage our customers to shop around.

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