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CURB-EASE...We Specialize In Curbs!...Decorative & Continuous Concrete Borders...When Quality Matters. Curb-Ease Specializes in Providing Luxurious and Affordable Concrete Garden Edging for Residential & Commercial Applications. Concrete Garden Edging is Designed to Dramatically Transform the "Curb Appeal" of your Home or Business while Reducing the Amount of Time Required to Maintain a Clean / Finished Look. Curb-Ease has Been Servicing Customers Across Canada for over 17 years, and is the Largest Curbing Company in the Country. WHAT IS CURBING? Curbing is a continuous concrete border extruded on site around flower beds, driveways, walkways and can also be used to provide an edge for interlocking bricks or pavers. Curb-Ease™ offers a maintenance reducing solution that adds beauty and value to your landscaping. WHY CURB -EASE? Curb-Ease™ has revolutionized customer service in the decorative concrete curbing business. By setting the mark for quality standards and professionalism, customers can now enjoy the "time saving" and "property value" benefits of concrete borders without the hassle of trying to deal with questionable contractors. CURBING INSTALLATION What you can expect when a Curb-Ease™ Franchisee installs your decorative concrete landscape borders. Have a Curb-Ease™ Franchisee in your area provide you with a free no obligation estimate. Our Franchisee will discuss the various options available to you and help create a solution specifically designed to meet your needs. Curb-Ease™ offers a wide selection of colours, stamp impressions and profiles, so you can be sure to achieve the perfect match for your home / landscape project. There are no surprises with Curb-Ease™, all estimates include a detailed written quotation with a guaranteed price that is backed by a National Warranty on materials and workmanship. THE EQUIPMENT Curb-Ease™ self contained custom curbing trailers are designed to carry all the equipment, tools and materials needed to complete your project quickly - with minimum disruption. The curb extruder and sod cutter are smaller than a wheelbarrow, light weight and self propelling. All equipment has been designed to minimize any unnecessary mess to the customers yard while achieving top efficiency and maneuverability. THE PREP Ground prep is extremely important. Curb-Ease™ removes sod where necessary ensuring the base is solid allowing a smooth extrusion of the concrete. Soft flowing lines are recommended for most residential applications as this provides "easy to mow" access for lawn cutting. THE MIX Over the past 17 years Curb-Ease™ has worked on improving the curb mix to provide customers with the strongest, most flexible concrete border available today. Aside from the industry standard of cement, sand, water and sometimes colour, Curb-Ease™ standard mix also contains glass fibre and a curb strengthening product which is added to each mix -- increasing the structural integrity of the concrete. THE CURB / BORDER The Turbo-Curber™ curb machine extrudes the concrete border. The certified Curb-Ease™ operators trowel and finish the curbs by hand. Once the curbs are smooth the stamp impression is applied giving the concrete border a decorative finish. Finally, 2 coats of high quality acrylic sealer are applied (decorative curbs only) to enhance and protect the finish from staining etc. CERTIFIED INSTALLERS Curb-Ease is the only registered Canadian Franchise in the industry. Some of the benefits of dealing with a solid, National Franchise are... Installation crews are fully trained and qualified to produce a premium quality job. All teams are insured and have WCB coverage to protect our customers and our employees. Franchise owners live in their Area of Primary Responsibility and contribute to local programs. Workmanship and materials are guaranteed by the Corporate Head Office. Franchisees participate in ongoing skills and business development programs. Head Office maintains an aggressive Research & Development initiative to improve on existing products and introduce new products that service customers needs. Many independent contractors go out of business within a year or two, whereas Curb-Ease has been here for over 15 years and we continue to grow by providing premium quality products and outstanding service. All Franchisees utilize a National Customer Service Centre to receive incoming calls and answer customer questions in a timely and professional manner. Don't be fooled by similar products. Curb-Ease™ decorative concrete borders are only installed and offered by certified professional Curb-Ease™ Owner Operators. WHEN QUALITY MATTERS... Curb-Ease uses only premium quality products and supplies. A standard "Curb Mix" is comprised of a combination of sand and cement however Curb-Ease Standard Curb Mix also includes a glass reinforced fibre and concentrated concrete "polymer additive". The glass reinforced fibre greatly reduces the possibility of certain cracking. The Curb "polymer additive" increases strength and flexibility. It also speeds up the curing process so that the curb achieves greater strength faster. Curb-Ease uses Integral colour in all coloured and stamped curbing jobs. The Curber's Choice™ Integral Colour pigments infuse concrete with rich, long-lasting, fade-resistant colour. This technique is used to produce a backdrop for contrasting accent or antiquing colors, such as our Curber's Choice™ pigmented Release Agents. This layering of color is what enables us to closely replicate the variegated, multi-tone appearance of natural stone or antiquing. After at least 1 day of curing Curb-Ease coats the curb with 2 layers of protective, VOC Compliant, acrylic sealer. * this process of sealing should be repeated every few years (depending on conditions) to keep the job looking brand new. We can provide homeowners with the best product or can have one of our sealing crews perform this for a nominal cost. THE PROCESS... BEFORE THE JOB Before the installation can begin a Curb-Ease Representative will meet with you to provide a written estimate. After reviewing your project he/she will go through the options including profiles, stamps and colour choices that will best compliment your home. THE INSTALLATION On the day of the installation a Curb-Ease crew member will mark off the areas where the borders are to be installed using an environmentally friendly spray paint. Next, they'll use a sod cutter to cut a smooth line for the concrete curb to follow. Prior to the extrusion of the concrete curb, a sand base willl be installed and compacted. EXTRUDING THE CURB Once the prep has been completed the special concrete is mixed on the back of a Curb-Ease self contained curbing trailer. When a mix is ready it is placed into a wheelbarrow and brought over to where the curbing will begin. As the mix is shoveled into the curb machine the plunging system compacts the mix into the desired profile and extrudes the curb out of the back of the machine. THE FINISH After the curb has been extruded the installer will put the finishing touches on the curb before applying a stamp impression. Next, he installer will broadcast a release agent over the curb to allow for the stamping tool to be released. Once the stamping has been completed control cuts are put in approximately every 3.5 ft. to allow for the curbing to expand and contract. SEALING Once the concrete has cured for at least a day, the excess release agent is washed off and an industrial cure and seal designed to be applied to new concrete is applied. It is recommended that your concrete be resealed every couple of years keep it looking new. Don't be fooled by similar products. Curb-Ease™ decorative concrete borders are only installed and offered by certified professional Curb-Ease™ Owner Operators. CUSTOMER SERVICE...OUR COMMITMENT At Curb-Ease, we're committed to providing you with the best products and customer service possible. We are the leader in the industry and have been in business over 17 years. We offer the widest variety of colours and patterns available. When it comes to landscape edging, Curb-Ease™ leads the industry in quality products, professionalism and customer satisfaction. Quality Products Installed by Professionals Committed to Outstanding Customer Service is What Keeps us on Top. QUOTE APPOINTMENTS We know that your Time is Valuable and one of our Customer Service Representatives is here Ready to Serve You... At Curb-Ease our Customers Matter - that's why we Love Hearing from You. For a FREE ESTIMATE call us Today!

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