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North Bay, Ontario


What is Organizing Success? How do we define success when it comes to organizing? That depends on each individual, however I believe it would mean committing to the project and working consistently at maintaining the area that is been organized. Commitment How much do we want to become organized? Enough to devote sufficient time to the project? Enough to dedicate ourselves to it? For the disorganized person, depending on the degree of disorganization, this commitment may be a very long one. To commit to dealing with a massive project may be overwhelming, and lead to abandoning it part-way. So I believe the best way is to guarantee success by working on a smaller area, one that is manageable, such as a drawer or shelf. Once success is achieved here, then move on to another area, for example the refrigerator. This way, it is a constant commitment to smaller projects which will easier to manage then maintain. Each step completed is a success. If we step back, and this does happen, determine to step forward again and keep moving forward. That is success too. Maintenance Maintaining is easy but it is also a challenge. Easy because it is simply returning things to their home when removed and used. Challenging because it requires changing habits and this can take time as well as effort. It is so much easier to take the easy way out and just leave it here for now. As organizers, we know that for now can extend from a few minutes (not likely) or forever (probably) until the effort is made to finally put it away where it belongs. To meet the challenge of changing habits, we must practice consistently. Habits will change with work, and putting things away will not take as much effort as it does now. It will become second nature, part of the process of using the item. How? A wise person has said that success means having the courage, the determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be. If you believe you were meant to be an organized person, you need to have that courage, that determination, to persevere at becoming that person. It also takes commitment to making it work, and maintaining the organization once that is achieved. Long-term project Changing habits can take quite a lot of time. Success in this is the dedication to working at those changes constantly chipping away at the old habits until they are diminished and simultaneously replacing them with new habits. This might be a life long project, depending on how dedicated you are to making the changes necessary. Success I believe that success is working consistently at making change. It is in the decisions and constant effort made to achieve the goal of becoming organized, then of staying that way. That is why it is so important to reward ourselves for the job well done. We need to celebrate our successes in order to continue achieving additional success. Maya Angelou said: Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. I agree. By liking ourselves, we will commit to being organized. Liking what we do is the enjoyment of the organizing process. And liking how we do it is being satisfied with the results.

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