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Duct Cleaning Depot

29 Brunswick street , Brampton, Ontario , L6X 4Y5  -   Map


Duct Cleaning


There will be an initial walk around throughout the home so that the technicians can estimate how long the process will take and decide on prepping and setting up. Pets are very sensitive to noises; we would like to have any pets that may run away to be secured before we start. The technicians will assess your HVAC system; the furnace and humidifier before any work begins. During the process your system will be turned off. Our main vacuum hose from the truck in the driveway will be attached to the main duct. A window near the furnace room is preferred to access your system. If that is not possible, a side door or the front door will be used. All vents and returns will be vacuumed and then sealed. The technicians will agitate dirt, dust or debris forcing them into the vacuum by using various air washing tools. In the basement or where your main ductwork is located, a combination of extracting tools along with brushes, skipper balls, detachable rods, snaking tools and whips will be used to reach at the end of the duct work pulling dirt or debris into the vacuum. At the final stage of the process, the airflow will be balanced by adjusting the dampers in duct system if needed. The system will be sanitized when the job is completed and turned back on. Before and after pictures will be taken during the process to help our technicians see inside the duct work and also will be used for the homeowner to review. (The furnace area will be cleaned up as well as any other areas worked in.)

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