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Dufferin Tile & Marble Ltd

1144 Speers Rd, #5 , Oakville, Ontario , L6L 2X4  -   Map


If you have contemplated doing home improvements, we have two great reasons why right now is the best time First, winter will soon be upon us. With our winter weather, you know you will end up spending a lot of your time indoors. So, when you are stuck inside, wouldn't it be a good idea to have made the inside look nice Second, the holidays are fast approaching. You know that with Christmas, New Year's, Hanukkah, etc. the chances are very good that your friends and family will be coming by to visit you and your home. You want a home that you can be proud to entertain in, maybe one that will really impress your guests. So, after having decided to give your home a face lift, you might ask Why Dufferin Tile Well, its quite simple really, at Dufferin Tile, we have products for the three most critical areas of your home Your floors, bathrooms and kitchen An improvement to any of these three areas of your home will dramatically improve the overall appearance AND value of your home Which means there is a still a second reason to choose Dufferin Tile. Value for your money. The fact that Dufferin Tile has by far the lowest prices is incredible enough, but when you consider the excellent quality we offer across our massive selection, you can see it means that shopping at Dufferin Tile gives you HUGE value If you need the practicality of a ceramic tile for your floors or bathroom You will find an incredible deal We have tiles for your floors AND your walls starting at just 0.59 per square foot. Even the strong and durable porcelain tile from Italy will start from less than a dollar per square foot. Maybe you are thinking about natural stones such as slate, marble or granite. Well, we have a big selection of those items too, and starting from as low as just 1.69 per square foot Yes, that is REAL, first quality, natural stone tiles that we are offering for 1.69 per square foot. This is not a typo. Of course, we also have some wonderful deals available on mosaics of various shapes, sizes and colours which use a variety of materials including porcelain, natural stone, glass or even metal. We even have a limited amount of glass mosaics available for just 1.49 per square foot But, you will have to act fast, because once we sell out, we won't be able to offer glass mosaic that cheap again And of course, if you are thinking about granite countertops for your kitchen or perhaps a marble vanity top for your washroom, Dufferin Tile can help you out there as well. Anyone can afford countertops which are just 29.00 per square foot And for almost every kitchen, that will include supply and installation too Yes, you CAN afford that All in all, Dufferin Tile offers a variety of ways that you can not only beautify your home, but also add a lot of value to it as well. So, with winter right around the corner, why not get your home ready for the holidays and spruce things up with a renovation on your floors, bathrooms or kitchen. You can bet that your guests will use it as a fantastic conversation starter when they come to visit and see how stunning your home is. And, of course, won't they be impressed when you tell them just how easy and affordable it was by shopping at Dufferin Tile.

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