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Elementa Group Inc

509 Glendale Ave. E., Suite 302 , Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario , L0S 1J0  -   Map


Renewable Energy


The Elementa Process is an endothermic, noncombustion process that features a waterbased chemistry for the clean conversion of carbonbased material (i.e. MSW) into pure syngas. It is very clean, highly efficient, and simple to construct and operate while supporting global efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and commercialize alternative energy production. It compares favorably to every other existing and emerging technology for waste treatment and energy production, with specific value propositions such as conversion efficiency, unit costs and environmental performance. It produces clean energy, hydrogen and other valuable products from garbage - all types of garbage and industrial byproducts with little requirement for special sorting, handling or impractical pretreatment of feedstock. Our Team The Elementa team comprises waste management professionals, technical expertise including engineers and scientists from a wide array of competencies such as chemical, mechanical, process electrical and research and development, many with over 30 years of engineering experience. The company continues to develop its core technical capabilities. A foundation of entrepreneurs and business professionals has provided Elementa with the required strength and guidance necessary to develop a strong business strategy. We have youthful enthusiasm, sage experience and driving passion in equal measure. We say what we do and do what we say. We believe in a participatory approach to solving environmental and energy challenges. If you'd like to participate in the improvement of Elementa group with your suggestions and ideas, please check out our available jobs, industrial partnerships or educational/R&D partnerships.

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