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Estate Lighting Supply Inc.

190 Bovaird Drive West, Unit 53 & 54 , Brampton, Ontario , L7A 1A2  -   Map


The efforts of professionals in many fields have brought the development of landscape lighting to a new level. Estate Lighting Supply Ltd has now become your resource for the best variety, quality and availability for all your landscape lighting needs, including wire, pipe, transformers, timing devices and controls. Our suppliers fixtures are solid bronze and copper, handcrafted by skilled artisans designed to age beautifully. Estate Lighting Supply is an established electrical distributor, with more than 15 years experience serving the landscape and electrical trades. Together with a very competent staff we are able to offer a complete line of electrical and landscape lighting products. Our portfolio is very diverse and consists of corporate properties, hotels, and urban development in addition to being a premier supplier to many of Ontario's top landscape designers, architects and trades. Landscape lighting will create what is best described as an extension of your home's living space, otherwise described as the art of creating subtle glows, soft shadows and dramatic textures to enhance and embellish your life style. In the Canadian climate, especially when the winter days are shorter, landscape lighting becomes an even more integral component to any outdoor project. Night time becomes a prime opportunity for people to maximize the enjoyment of their landscape investment at any time of the year. The incorporation of different light levels, various light sources and discreetly placed fixtures can create a combination of moods. Why not add dramatic effects to your entrance by accenting plantings, silhouetting a wall, or softly illuminating a pathway. A large property can appear intimate, yet secure, while a small property can emerge spacious yet private. One should always consider the needs of the home owner. How do you intend to use the property during each season? You should also address any concerns you may have about privacy or security. The designer in partnership with the home owner should always take a good look at the property from both inside and out to best determine the prime vantage points and interests. Once the basic parameters have been established Estate Lighting Supply is ready to assist all your material needs.

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