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G J MacRae Foundation Repair-GTA

470 Winston Churchill Blvd. , Oakville, Ontario , L6J 7X2  -   Map


Family owned and operated since 1975 – Licensed Specialists in Basement Waterproofing. Crack Repair, Window Wells, Weeping Tile INT/ EXT, Sump Pumps. Your structural repair specialists. Crawl Space Repair, Bowing & Buckling Walls, Footing & Cold Room Repair, Underpinning. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners improve their living space with professional waterproofing service. Available All Year Home of the Transferable Warranty Family Owned and Operated WHMIS Trained, Fully Licensed and Insured. After sale service second to none! Waterproofing is needed anytime a structure is built at ground level or below ground. Waterproofing and drainage considerations are especially needed in cases where ground water is likely to build up in the soil and raise the water table. This higher water table causes hydrostatic pressure to be exerted underneath basement floors and against basement walls. Hydrostatic pressure forces water in through cracks in foundation walls, through openings caused by expansion and contraction of the footing-foundation wall joint and up through floor cracks. Hydrostatic pressure can cause major structural damage to foundation walls and is likely to contribute to mold, decay and other moisture related problems. When a crack is evident, it can readily be repaired from the outside by hand digging 2.5 to 3 inch on either side and right down to the footing or weeping tile, creating a hole measuring about 5 inch across by 6 inch deep. Before digging, place a tarp on the ground in front of the measured area. The tarp is used to hold all the dirt from the hole you are about to dig. It’s important to keep things as tidy as possible. Once you have exposed the wall it is necessary to clean and dry the entire area. This is done with water and a wire brush. All masonry must be primed before hydro shield can be applied. Hydro Shield the rubberized membrane is applied to the complete opening of the wall with a trowel. After membrane has been applied drainage board is installed in front of entire repaired area. The drainage board is applied from above grade right down to the weeping tile, preventing water pressure from building up in front of the repaired area. Cover up weeping tile 1 inch deep with three quarter inch gravel. The hole is backfilled by hand. A hand compactor is used at the end to level the dirt for a more smooth even finish. All window wells are below grade. This can make them vulnerable to flooding from trough spillover, driving rain, or snow build up against the house. Once window wells flood, the water has nowhere else to go–except into your basement! A drain installed inside your window well, will provide the positive drainage required to carry water away from your foundation wall. The only way to achieve a 100percent waterproofed basement is to install weeping tile on the inside of your outer basement walls. We help Toronto & Mississauga homeowners improve their living space and add thousands of dollars to their home equity – using our specially designed VibroPak Underpinning System – Invented by owner, John MacRae. You can achieve additional headroom, up to 9 feet clear, making that Basement Apartment or Sports Palace a reality! Put our 35+ years of experience and expertise to work for you. Call us at (905) 824-2557 for details. The sump box, which houses the sump pump, is installed inside your basement. The presence of a sump box goes a long way to relieve hydrostatic pressure from beneath your basement floor. The sump box gathers trapped ground water that naturally accumulates around your foundation wall and or under your basement floor. The sump box has an automatic shut off, keeping water down to a manageable level. The submersible pump, located inside the sump box, pumps water out and away from your foundation. The sump operates automatically.

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